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NII-88 (Scientific-Research Institute No.88) was a research bureau for the Soviet space program. The bureau was established on May 13, 1946, and was located at what was then called Kaliningrad, Moscow Oblast (now Korolyov), northeast of Moscow. Based on his Plant No. 88, Dmitriy Ustinov had successfully lobbied to control post-war research and development of rockets in late 1945.

Impressed by his work in Germany on the analysis of the V-2, Ustinov appointed Sergey Korolev chief designer of section 3 on long-range missiles, later called OKB-1. In 1956, OKB-1 was removed from NII-88 to become an independent bureau.

Helmut Gröttrup headed a group of German scientists working for the Soviets at Branch 1 of NII-88 located on Gorodomlya Island. Their job was to help reconstruct a Russian Version of the V-2, called the R-1, after which they were returned to Germany. The facility was also spied on by American U-2 spy planes in the late 1950s.

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  • TsNIIMash (Russian: ЦНИИмаш) is the Central Research Institute of Machine Building, which is the institute of the Russian aeronautics and space agency

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