NIILM University

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NIILM University
Type Private university
Established 2011
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Arvind Dhar
Location Kaithal, Haryana, India
Campus Kaithal,Haryana

NIILM University is a private university in kaithal in the state of Haryana, India.NIILM University was established by the Haryana State Legislature under Haryana Act No. 16 of 2011. Recently, NIILM University has been awarded by ASSOCHAM as the Best Private Upcoming University in Rural Area. NIILM University announces its commitment to become one of India’s leading universities with an accredited repute for excellence in research and teaching. The University is equipped to take up challenges of the enormous change taking place all around and committed to empower its faculty and students to contribute significantly.

International environment[edit]

NIILM University has experienced the great achievement of mothering different faces, cultures, races and nationalities. There is nothing that excites and makes one happy than to see that you make different people live comfortably in the same environment together and they become one. More than 200 International students from various countries i.e. Uganda, Bhutan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Gambia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burundi, Tibet, Kenya, Ghana, China, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia are studying at NIILM University.



Schools/programs offered College of Management College of Engineering & Technology College of Media & Mass Communication College of Hotel Management & Tourism College of Applied Sciences College of Fashion College of Law


The NIILM University has laboratories with modern equipment and infrastructure. Various laboratories designed in different branches include: Fashion Labs (Karida), Media communication Labs, Hotel Management (Restaurant & others) Computer Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biotechnology Lab, Electrical Lab, Electronics and Communication Lab, Mechanical Lab etc

Central Library[edit]

The Central library support all the research and extension programmes. All students, faculty members and employees are entitled to use the library facilities. It have a huge collection of books on engineering,science,fashion,media, humanities and social sciences, and mass communication. The university’s library has subscribed to electronic journals databases, providing research and scholarly writing software, and usually provides computer workstations or computer labs for students to access journals, library search databases and portals, institutional electronic resources, internet access, and course- or task-related software (i.e. word processing and spreadsheet software). They are increasingly acting as an electronic repository for institutional scholarly research and academic knowledge, such as the collection of digital copies of students’ theses and dissertations.

Type of Sports

Outdoor sports Indoor sports Badminton Table Tennis Basketball Chess Board Volleyball Carom Board Cricket Ludo Athletics Aerobics and Yoga Swimming Tennis Kabaddi Football Base Ball.