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NISC Export Services (NES) works to serve the content development needs of databases publishers worldwide. This organisation, based in Hyderabad, India is involved in the data deduplication of bibliographic and metadata records through the creation of composite records. Databases and Catalogs can be hosted on BiblioLine & DISCover.

NES is a partner company of EBSCO (


NES provides metadata services to database publishers and institutes of higher education. Services offered include, among others, the following:

  • Conversion & De-duplication of bibliographic data
  • Database product development
  • Product quality assurance & control
  • Information & content development through web research
  • Data preparation
  • XML/HTML encoding
  • Metadata modeling
  • Controlled vocabulary services
  • Specialized technical support thru email and phone


ROMWright is NES’ search engine used to provide search & retrieval services on DISCover (NES’s CDROM service) & BiblioLine.


Remotebase is a web-based input system of NES that is adorned with field validations, spell check, search & thesaurus. Data that has been input into Remotebase can be accessed from any part of the world. Remotebase has the ability to output data anytime in any field delimited data format. Equipped to generate reports of any kind, it has a QC module to check the quality of entered data.

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