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NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema
Logo NISI MASA.png
Founded 2001
Type Non-profit
Key people
Matthieu Darras, founding member

NISI MASA is a non-profit organisation promoting young professionals in the European filmmaking industry. It is formed from 28 national member bodies.

The non-profit organisation is supported, amongst others, by the European Union: Youth, Civil Society and MEDIA Programme, the Council of Europe, the European Cultural Foundation, Fondation de France and the French Ministry of Youth, Sports and Associative Life. It is most-widely known for Nisimazine, a daily magazine produced during the Cannes Film Festival and several other film festivals and European Short Pitch, an annual event that combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a co-production forum.


NISI MASA was founded in 2001 by three film enthusiast friends who wanted to create a Europe-wide platform for cooperation between young filmmakers. More than eleven years on, the number of countries in the network has increased to 26. Currently there are 28 member associations with over 1500 individual members.

The name 'NISI MASA' is a reference to the film by Federico Fellini, in which Marcello Mastroianni transmits the phrase "Asa Nisi Masa" to a clairvoyant. The film, a European cinema classic, and the sentence, an incantation belonging to no specific language, both reflect the cinematic and cross-border spirit of the network.

The Network[edit]

NISI MASA is present in 26 countries all around Europe, with a total of 31 member associations dedicated to cinema in different fields. All the NISI MASA member associations organize workshops, screenings, conferences and seminars and all kind of activities related with cinema, fact that favors NISI MASA to be present in a huge European level.

The 28 associations part of NISI MASA are:

NISI MASA develops its own projects, but always collaborating closely with the member associations, creating an inter-cultural and youth exchange all around Europe and offering a big visibility in Europe.


Through the years, NISI MASA has published several books, magazines, catalogues and e-books about our workshops, trainings and different projects. In the following lines, you will find a description of the different kind of publications we make:

- NISIMAZINE: Daily editions of its other regular publication NISIMAZINE, during several film festivals, in the framework of film journalism workshops for young European film critics. We had NISIMAZINE film journalism workshops in Cannes Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, La Biennale di Venezia, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, IDFA, Rotterdam Film Festival, etc. All the NISIMAZINE publications

- Books: After big projects, we publish a book or/ and e-book about its results and summarizing all the topics discussed during the activity. The results are useful books about audiovisual, film and culture in Europe.

- MAS Y MAS: A monthly network newsletter focusing on trends in the European Cinema Industry and news concerning NISI MASA members and young European filmmakers in general.

- FILMS: European Films realized in the frame of NISI MASA workshops are distributed through International Film Festivals from all around the world and also through pedagogical and thematic screenings orgniased by universities, associations, museums and socio-cultural institutions.

The films, produced since 2006 by NISI MASA are online in Vime: The films are edited in DVD and the benefits of the sale help to support the next projects of young filmmakers and to help NIS MASA in its aim to promote the European young cinema.

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