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The New Jersey State Park Police patrol and protect the State’s 54 parks, forests and recreation areas which encompass more than 422,000 acres (1,710 km2) and are visited by more than 17 million people each year. Their motto is "Protecting New Jersey's Treasures and the people who visit them." All State Park Police Officers are sworn State Law Enforcement Officers who are PTC certified. Officers carry weapons and have all of the arrest and law enforcement powers of any police officer in the state. They are dedicated to safeguarding New Jersey’s resources 24 hours a day through the prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals, enforcement of criminal and motor vehicle laws of the state, and enforcement of park regulations. State Park Police respond to public safety emergencies and environmental emergencies. They use various methods of patrol, including foot, bike, boat, ATV, and motor patrol.

New Jersey State Park Police headquarters is located in Trenton, New Jersey.

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