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NK Malečnik.svg
Full name Nogometni Klub Malečnik
Founded 1960; 58 years ago (1960)[1]
Ground Berl Sports Centre,
Ground Capacity 1,000[2]
President Branko Stančič
Head Coach Peter Braznik
League 1. MNZ League
2016–17 1. MNZ League, 3rd
Website Club website

Nogometni Klub Malečnik (English: Malečnik Football Club), commonly referred to as NK Malečnik or simply Malečnik, is a Slovenian football club, which plays in the town of Malečnik, near Maribor. The club was established in 1960.[1]


They play their home games at the Berl Sports Centre.[2] In November 2012, the Drava flooding completely destroyed their football pitch and all the equipment.[3] In a charity event, organised by the 7 dni newspaper, all money from an auction was donated to NK Malečnik.[4] Many notable Slovenian and foreign footballers, including Luka Krajnc, Rene Krhin and Lionel Messi, donated their football shirts for an auction.[5]


Winners (2): 2000–01, 2004–05[6]
Winners (1): 2010–11[7]
Runners-up (1): 2009–10[8]


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