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Thozhilalar Munnetra Sangam, Padaithurai Udaithozhirsalai (OCF Avadi )Ministry of Defence
Full name Thozhilalar Munnetra Sangam, PadaithuraiUdaithozhirsalai (OCF, Avadi )
Members 735
Affiliation Labour Progressive Federation
Key people V. Veluswamy (President)& ( A. Mohammed Meera ) General Secretary
Office location No. 50.A, OCF Road, Avadi Chennai-600054
Country India

Thozhilalar Munnetra Sangam, Padaithurai Udaithozhirsalai (OCF Avadi) represents the working class of OCF Avadi working under Ministry of Defence is affiliated with National Progressive Defence Employees Federation (NPDEF) & Labour Progressive Federation (LPF). It is recognised by Ministry of Defence, Government of India and represents at Various forums like Joint Consultative Machinary (JCM ), Works Committee Local Productivity Council ( LPC) , Central Safety Council (CSC) and Estate Coordination Committee ( ECC)etc.