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The NLIC (Native Language Internet Consortium) was founded in November 2005 to promote and uphold multilingualism in the Internet. Most of the NLIC members are from the fields of Internet Policy and System Development in several countries.

The NLIC is an independent, non-profit, and self-governing body composed of multinational and multiethnic representatives from national governments, intergovernmental organizations, private sector, and the academia. The organization believes that all the information stored online should be accessible, meaningful and useful to everyone in the world.

Currently, the NLIC is promoting a multilingual keyword-type Internet address, through which, Internet users could have a smoother and more convenient surfing experience starting from the Internet address bar. Netpia is a company that provides a keyword-type Internet address, also known as NLIA (Native Language Internet Address).

Meanwhile, ICANN is working towards the implementation of IDN.IDN, as it also aims to provide global users with an Internet address that is easier to type and remember.

The NLIC is constantly in touch with Netpia and ICANN in the interest of pushing for a genuine Information Society for the sake of the global Internet users.

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