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Stable release
0.9.5 / January 29, 2009
Operating system Mac OS X Tiger
Mac OS X Leopard
License LGPL

NObjective is a Mono to Cocoa bridge.

NObjective is high-performance bridge between managed .NET and unmanaged Cocoa worlds. It provides automatically generated proxies for all Objective-C classes and can be used to export managed classes to unmanaged Objective-C runtime.

Key features:

  • Lowest processor and memory overheads compared to similar bridges; see project page for performance benchmark results
  • Ability to automatically import Objective-C classes
    • Essential enums and structs are also automatically imported
  • Ability to export .NET Framework classes to Objective-C runtime
  • Ability to rethrow exceptions across runtimes in both directions
  • Ability to work on Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard

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