NRING Circuit

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NRING Circuit
Smolensk Ring
LocationRussia Bogorodsk
Major eventsRTCC
Length3.222 km (2.002 mi)

The NRING Circuit (also: Нижегородское кольцо) is a FIA Grade 3 race track located near Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. The track opened in 2010 as a professional racing venue. It includes three road courses from 2.009 km to 3.222 km in length. Furthermore the facility contains an oval, a drag strip, a kart track and a training circuit.

Since 2010 the Russian Touring Car Championship stages rounds on this track. Also the Russian Superbike Championship has meetings at the NRING.

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Coordinates: 56°07′23″N 43°35′56″E / 56.123022°N 43.5989°E / 56.123022; 43.5989