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II-series UAVs
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer NRIST
Designer NRIST
Status In service
Primary user China

NRIST II-series drones Chinese UAVs developed by Nanjing Research Institute of Simulation Technology (南京模拟技术研究所) (NRIST), also known as the 60th Research Institute of People's Liberation Army General Staff Department (总参六十所), an ISO 9001 certified research/production facility headquartered in Nanjing. In comparison to other UAVs developed by NRIST, II-series drones are very little known because there is not much information publicized about these UAVs.


II-150 series drone is a family of jet powered UAVs that resemble cruise missiles, which they are designed to simulate. II-150 UAVs have a cylindrical fuselage with a pair of stub wing of mid wing configuration mounted in the midsection, and inlet is atop of the empennage sandwiched between V-tail. II-150 series drone are remotely controlled. There are three different models, II-150 for PLA ground force (PLAGF), II-150K for PLA Air Force (PLAAF), with K stands for Kong-Jun (空军), meaning air force in Chinese, and II-150H for the PLA Navy (PLAN), with H stand for Hai-Jun (海军), meaning navy in Chinese. The first two version appears almost identical without any obvious visual external difference, while the naval version does have obvious visual difference than the other two in that the wing is in low wing configuration.[1] Specification:

  • Speed (m/s): 150


II-250 series UAV is a family of jet powered UAVs that resemble cruise missiles, which they are designed to simulate. II-250 series UAVs have a cylindrical fuselage with inverted v-tail and a pair of swept wing of high wing configuration mounted in the midsection. A pair of swept tailplanes are mounted in high wing configuration at the empennage and there is also a small swept vertical stabilizer mounted perpendicularly to the tailplanes. Instead of being turbojet powered like the II-150 series UAV, II-250 series UAVs utilizes rocket motor instead. Like II-150 series, there are also three models of II-250 series UAV, with the basic II-150 for PLAGF, II-250K for PLAAF, and II-250H for PLAN.[1] Specification:

  • Speed (m/s): 250

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