NRIST S-70 series UAV

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S-70 series UAVs
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer NRIST
Designer NRIST
Status In service
Primary user China

NRIST S-70 series (formerly known as II-70 series) UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Nanjing Research Institute of Simulation Technology (南京模拟技术研究所) (NRIST), also known as the 60th Research Institute of People's Liberation Army General Staff Department (总参六十所), an ISO 9001 certified research/production facility headquartered in Nanjing. S-70 series UAVs are part of larger NRIST S-series UAVs.


S-70 UAV is a fixed wing drone developed by NRIST, and it is an improvement over another Chinese drone Aisheng Drone-2. This propeller driven drone is mainly used to support the development of small caliber antiaircraft artillery and low altitude surface-to-air missiles (SAM). Further improvements include W-2000 and W-2000Y, both have entered service with People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) to support development of newer SAM systems. S-70 UAV utilizes GPS navigation and has user friendly interface, and it can be either used to tow a soft target, or being used as a target itself. Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 2.55
  • Wingspan (m): 2.7
  • Max take-off weight (kg): 60
  • Speed (m/s): 70
  • Ceiling (km): 3
  • Endurance (min): 60
  • Remote control range (km): 30
  • Launch: Rocket assisted
  • Recovery: parachute


S-70G drone is a fixed wing drone developed by NRIST, and it is a development of earlier S-70, with slightly larger size, and the maximum ceiling is also increased. Like its predecessor S-70, S-70G is also remotely controlled. Specification:[2]

  • Length (m): 2.6
  • Wingspan (m): 3.1
  • Speed (m/s): 70
  • Ceiling (km): 5
  • Endurance (min): 60
  • Remote control range (km): 30
  • Propulsion: GYS-350F piston engine
  • Launch: Rocket assisted
  • Recovery: parachute
  • Max wind scale allowed for operation: 5
  • Temperature range (°C): -20 to +50

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