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NRJ Group
Société anonyme
Founded Paris, France (1981 (1981))

Jean-Paul Baudecroux

Max Guazzini
Headquarters Paris, France
Area served
Key people
Revenue € 343,600,000 (2010)
Subsidiaries Radio :
NRJ, Chérie FM, Nostalgie, Rire & Chansons.
Television : NRJ 12, Chérie 25, NRJ Hits, NRJ Paris
Other : NRJ Mobile, NRJ Music Awards, NRJ Music Tour, NRJ International, NRJ Compilations, NRJ Entertainment.

The NRJ Group (NRJ is an acronym read as énergie in French, pronounced [enɛʁʒi]) (EuronextNRG) is a French multimedia group based in Paris. Its founders are Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini. Since its foundation in 1981 as a French pop music radio station it has grown and evolved to become the NRJ Group.[1] NRJ is the most popular radio station in France with 6,159,000 listeners daily.[citation needed]

All stations of NRJ Group carry around 40 minutes every hour of non-stop hits (or sometimes, "10 hits in a row").

NRJ Group currently has 33 FM stations (transmitting through 1260 frequencies) and around 250 internet stations in 21 countries worldwide.

The Radio Record Group[edit]

The NRJ Group has transformed itself from one radio station to a brand of corporate commercial radio stations in Europe. Currently, it has stations in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guyane, Latvia, Lebanon, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Norway, Réunion, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Tahiti. NRJ plays current, trendy music for young audiences. Their slogan and promise is "Hit Music Only".

The majority of NRJ-branded stations are operated by the NRJ Group, however some are licensed, such as the Bulgarian version, which is operated by Communicorp. Within France the NRJ Group operates four separate radio stations: NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM and Rire & Chansons.[2] They also operate the NRJ 12 and Chérie 25 digital terrestrial television stations, in addition to NRJ Paris and NRJ Hits music television stations in France.

In 1989 NRJ became listed on the Paris Stock Exchange Secondary Market and has continued to climb, reaching the First Market in 2000 after regrouping all of its assests into the NRJ Group.

In French, the pronunciations of NRJ and Energy (énergie) are identical, and sounds very similar to the English word Energy.


With its pan-European NRJ/ENERGY stations, the Paris-based NRJ Group has challenged the European radio market by being significantly different from diversifying market players like the Luxembourg-based RTL Group (Antenne Bayern, RTL Berlin, Yorin FM), and SBS Broadcasting (Radio 1 Norway, The Voice) or Stockholm-based MTG (P4 Norway, Rix FM, Lugna Favoriter).

Since June 6, 2006 NRJ has been operational in Lebanon,[3] further expanding its reach and influence. On July 6, 2009, NRJ announced it would license its brand to Astral Media, owner of Canada's Énergie radio network, consisting of 10 regional stations in Quebec, along with a national broadcast as Énergie2 on Satellite Radio in Canada and in the United States[4] (the Sirius Canada channel would be replaced in 2010 with Latitude franco). This is the first North American expansion for NRJ.

Since the mid-1990s, NRJ has licensed its 24/7 programming stream out of Paris, to Japan's largest cable system, Usen Corporation.[citation needed]

All of NRJ's international operations are concentrated on a contemporary hit radio station (with the same slogan, jingles, sound, etc...) while its competitors tend to create local radio brands with various radio formats, thereby taking advantage of their audience's local identity.

NRJ is today broadcasting in over 20 countries, mainly throughout Europe, but also in North America, South America and several overseas territories of France. The following is a list of current and defunct international stations, including France.[5]

NRJ also operates four 24-hour hit music television channels, in Lebanon, France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

NRJ International[edit]

Country Branded as Ownership Number of
Launched Language Website
 Austria Energy Österreich N&C Radio Privé
(NRJ Group)
3 1998 German
 Belgium NRJ Belgique NRJ Group 26 1988 French
 Bulgaria Energy България Communicorp 6 2006 Bulgarian
 Canada NRJ Québec Bell Media 10 2009–2015 French
 Denmark Energy Danmark NRJ Group 9 1998–2013 Danish
 Egypt NRJ Egypt Sky Production 1 3 April 2017 Arabic
 Estonia NRJ Estonia Sky Media Group 1 2016–? Estonian
 Finland NRJ Suomi Oy Bauer Media Group 27 1995 Finnish
 France NRJ France NRJ Group 303 1981 French
 Georgia Energy Georgia NRJ Group 1 14 March 2017 Georian
 Germany Energy Germany NRJ Group 40 1991 German
 Greece Energy Hellas 2 2011–2013 Greek
 Guadeloupe NRJ Guadeloupe 6 French
 Guyane NRJ Guyane ACG 2 2006 French
 Lebanon NRJ Lebanon NRJ Group 8 2006 English
 Latvia NRJ Latvia NRJ Group 2 2014–2015 Latvian
 Martinique NRJ Martinique 6 French
 Mayotte NRJ Mayotte NRJ Group 12 French
 Morocco NRJ Morocco NRJ Group  ?  ?
 New Caledonia NRJ Nouvelle Calédonie Groupe Hersant Média 1 1995 French
 Norway NRJ Norge Modern Times Group 10 1998 Norwegian
 Réunion NRJ La Réunion Sogera-H2R 12 French
 Russia Energy Россия Gazprom-Media 40 2006 Russian
 Sweden NRJ Sverige Bauer Media Group 22 1993 Swedish
  Switzerland Energy Swiss NRJ Group
Ringier AG
11 1988 French
 Tahiti NRJ Tahiti Groupe Hersant Média 3 French

Mean:   Closed (no longer available under NRJ brand)

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