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NRK Super
NRK Super logo.svg
Launched 1 December 2007
Owned by NRK
Country Norway
Sister channel(s) NRK 1, NRK2, NRK3,
NRK Radio Super
Website Official website

NRK Super is a Norwegian TV & radio channel aimed at children, run by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The TV channel is broadcast on the digital terrestrial network, on the same frequency as NRK3 from 7am to 7pm, and was launched 1 December 2007. The NRK Super radio channel is broadcast on DAB radio (from 6am to 9pm) and the internet, and was originally named NRK Barn (NRK Children in English). It was launched on 16 October 2007.

NRK Super also has a web community were children can sign up and get permission to Superia, (The Dog Park), get their own profile and get friends online. Here also small children can visit the homepage of the figures they have seen on TV, such like Fantorangen, Tøfferud (Chuggington), Komet Kameratene, gatefotball or streetfootball (usually on the weekdays) and others. On some important days, NRK Super also broadcast serials and children films.

Viasat and RiksTV broadcasts this channel as number 6. NRK Super starts from 7am and ends 7:30pm.[1]

NRK Radio Super[edit]

The sister radio channel, NRK Radio Super broadcasts radio programs for children at DAB Radio and via internet.

List of programs[edit]

NRK super.jpg
  • AF1
  • Alle mot en
  • Andys ville eventyr
  • Avd. Barn
  • Barn ingen adgang


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