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The acronym NSM may refer to:

In general culture[edit]

In science[edit]

In business[edit]

  • Nack, Schulze und Menke, a German manufacturer of jukeboxes
  • NASDAQ Stock Market (occasionally used three-letter abbreviation)

In computing[edit]

  • N-ary Storage Model, a model to storage records in database management systems
  • Network and Systems Management (NSM) (a Suite of Network and Computer Management software made by Computer Associates
  • Network security monitor: see Intrusion detection system
  • Network Status Monitor protocol, used to notify Network File System peers of reboots


  • Un groupe de rap connu aussi sous le nom de New Sh** Mafia, fondé en 2014 dans la ville de Neuchâtel (Suisse).
  • Le nom du 1er album du groupe New Sh** Mafia sorti le 24.01.2016.
  • Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet, the Norwegian National Security Authority
  • Naval Strike Missile, a cruise missile developed by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace 1997–2007
  • Nausena Medal, Indian Military Award
  • Natural semantic metalanguage - A linguistic theory of semantic description