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Kiama PWD No. 65
Kiama 0-4-0ST Locomotive a.jpg
Kiama 0-4-0 T Locomotive
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Davenport Locomotive Works
Ohio USA
Serial number 1597
Build date 1917
 • Whyte 0-4-0T
Gauge 2 ft (610 mm)
Driver dia. 2 ft 0 in (0.610 m)
Loco weight 7.5 long tons (7.6 t; 8.4 short tons)
 • Firegrate area
4 sq ft (0.37 m2)
Boiler pressure 160 lbf/in2 (1.10 MPa)
Cylinders Two, outside
Cylinder size 8 in × 12 in (203 mm × 305 mm)
Performance figures
Tractive effort 4,096 lbf (18.2 kN)
Operators NSW Public Works Dept
Kiama Quarry Tramway
Kiama Blue Metal tramway

NSW Kiama was a steam locomotive seeing service in New South Wales.


Davenport 1597 was ordered for construction operations as PWD No. 65 on Cordeaux Dam light railway between the Nepean Gorge near Douglas Park and the Dam along Mount Keira Road between 1917 and 1926. The Locomotive was purchased by Quarries Ltd. during 1936 and transferred to Kiama Blue Metal tramway.[1]

Demise and Preservation[edit]

The Kiama tramway closed in March 1941. The locomotive was utilised by several heritage organisations and finally preserved by Illawarra Light Railway Museum in 1977.


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Further reading[edit]

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