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NSW State League
Founded 1977
(as NSW Division 4)
Country Australia
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 5
Promotion to NPL NSW 3
Relegation to N/A
Domestic cup(s) FFA Cup; Waratah Cup
Current champions Camden Tigers
Current premiers Bankstown United FC
Most premierships Camden Tigers; University of NSW
(2 Titles)
Website Official website
2017 Football NSW season

The NSW State League Division 1 is a regional Australian semi-professional association football league comprising teams from New South Wales. The league sits at Level 4 on the New South Wales league system (Level 5 of the overall Australian league system). The competition is administered by Football NSW, the governing body of the sport in the southern region of the state (the northern region governed by Northern NSW Football). For the 2016 season it was announced that the State League 2 would become the NSW State League as State League 1 became NPL NSW 3[1]


The Men’s State League One competition sits 4th on the NSW football league structure and is the lowest connected division to the NPL NSW 1. The league consists of 12 teams competing in a round-robin structure where each side plays one another twice; upon completion a Premier is crowned.

The top four sides by the end of the season compete in the Championship Series. The Championship Series consists of four games, whereby the four teams competing are whittled down to just two. The teams are seeded upon their entry into the Championship Series according to their final position on the ladder. The final two teams compete in the Grand Final, where a Men’s State League Two Champion is decided.

In 2007 the competition was divided in two - New South Wales Conference League North and the New South Wales Conference League South - with this format only used for two years.

In 2009 the competition was united again into one, called the New South Wales State League Division Two.[2]

In 2013 when the FFA launched the National Premier Leagues, State League 2 was not rebranded under this banner as to ensure that the teams competing at this level did not have to fulfil the strict financial and club based criteria, that may have resulted in smaller teams having to withdraw from the league. [3]

In 2016, with the 3rd division (then State League 1) of NSW being incorporated into the National Premier Leagues as NPL NSW 3, State League 2 became known as the NSW State League.

Teams 2017[edit]


Competition Season Regular season Grand Finals
(number of titles)
Runners-Up Champions
(number of titles)
Score Finalists
Division Four 1977 Lane Cove United
Division Four 1978 Baulkham Hills
Division Three 1979 North Bankstown
Division Three 1980 Liverpool Albion
Division Three 1981 Kingsford Hellenic
Division Three 1982 Bondi Marine
Disbanded to Inter Urban Leagues (1983-1988)
Division Four 1989 Petersham Luisitanos
Division Four 1990 Arncliffe Scots
Division Four 1991 Western District
Division Three 1992 Spanish Club
Division Three 1993 St. Johns Park
Division Three 1994 University of NSW
Division Three 1995 Greystanes
Division Three 1996 Gladesville United
Division Three 1997 Glebe Wanderers
Division Three 1998 Sydney University
Division Three 1999 White City
Division Three 2000 Prairiewood United
NSW Division Two 2001 Western Sydney Lions Balmain SC Balmain SC 4–3 Western Sydney Lions
NSW Division Two 2002 Liverpool Bossy Nepean Association Nepean Association 3–0 Liverpool Bossy
NSW Division Two 2003 Camden Tigers Greystanes Camden Tigers 4–2 Greystanes
NSW Division Two 2004 Inter Lions Springwood Springwood 1–1
4–3 (p)
Inter Lions
NSW Division Two 2005 Springwood University of NSW Hakoah 1–0 University of NSW
NSW Division Two 2006 University of NSW (2) Hakoah University of NSW 2–1 Hakoah
NSW Conference League 2007 Greenisland[a]
Hurstville City Minotaurs[b]
Hurstville City Minotaurs 5–0 Lakemba Sports Club
NSW Conference League 2008 Balmain Tigers[a]
Camden Tigers[b]
Balmain SC (2) 2–2
5–4 (p)
Camden Tigers
NSW State League 2 2009 Camden Tigers (2) Colo Colo Wanderers Colo Colo Wanderers 2–1 Camden Tigers
NSW State League 2 2010 Fairfield Bulls Fairfield Wanderers Fairfield Bulls 2–1 Hurstville City Minotaurs
NSW State League 2 2011 Northbridge FC Hakoah Hakoah (2) 2–1 Roosters FC
NSW State League 2 2012 Hakoah Sydney City East Prospect United Hakoah (3) 1–0 Prospect United
NSW State League 2 2013 Stanmore Hawks Fairfield City Lions Stanmore Hawks 1–0 Fairfield City Lions
NSW State League 2 2014 Hurstville ZFC Southern Bulls Rydalmere Lions 2–1 Southern Bulls
NSW State League 2 2015 Dunbar Rovers Hurstville ZFC Southern Districts SFA 2–0 Dunbar Rovers
NSW State League 2 2016 St.George FA Hurstville ZFC St.George FA 2–2
5–4 (p)
Hurstville ZFC
NSW State League 2 2017 Bankstown United Camden Tigers Camden Tigers 4–2 (a.e.t) Bankstown United
Source: www.socceraust.co.uk
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