NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League

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New South Wales Tertiary Student Rugby League
Current season or competition::
2015 New South Wales Tertiary Student Rugby League season
Sport Rugby league
Instituted 1970
Number of teams 6
Premiers Sydney Uni Rugby League Club (2013)
Most titles Sydney Uni Rugby League Club (4 titles)
Website tertiaryleague.com.au
Related competition Australian Universities Rugby League

The NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League is an affiliated body of the New South Wales Rugby League, established to promote the development of Rugby League within Universities, TAFE and other Tertiary Institutes within the state of NSW.

Formed in late 1969, the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League came about when the Sydney University, Macquarie University, University of NSW and University of Newcastle Rugby League clubs joined to create their own competition that was not restricted by the same boundaries as other senior open age competitions within Sydney.

In 2009 the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League will have 12 clubs from Sydney, Bathurst, Canberra and Newcastle, making it one of the most geographically spread competitions under the New South Wales Rugby League.


Tertiary Nines[edit]

The Tertiary Nines was an annual pre-season competition run by the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League to kick start the Tertiary League season.

Year Premiers Runners Up
2006 University of Technology, Sydney Charles Sturt University, Bathurst
2007 Sydney University Charles Sturt University, Bathurst
2008 Sydney University University of Technology, Sydney

Tertiary Championship: First Division[edit]

The original competition set up by the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League back in 1970, the Tertiary League is the premier week-to-week competition run in NSW for University, TAFE and other Tertiary college students.

CSU Bathurst take on Cumberland College in the NSWTSRL First Division competition
Year Premiers
1970 Sydney University
1971 Alexander Mackie College
1972 Alexander Mackie College
1973 Alexander Mackie College
1974 Alexander Mackie College
1975 Catholic College of Education
1976 Catholic College of Education
1977 Teachers Club
1978 Sydney University
1979 Nepean CAE, Kingswood
1980 Mount Saint Mary
1981 Mount Saint Mary
1982 Nepean CAE, Kingswood
1983 Catholic College of Education
1984 Macquarie University
1985 Catholic College of Education
1986 Wollongong University
1987 Catholic College of Education
1988 Macquarie University
1989 Catholic College of Education
1990 University of NSW
1991 University of NSW
1992 ACU Castle Hill
1993 ACU Castle Hill
1994 ACU Castle Hill
1995 University of Technology, Sydney
1996 ACU Castle Hill
1997 University of Technology, Sydney
1998 Cumberland College
1999 ACU Castle Hill
2000 Sydney University
2001 University of Technology, Sydney
2002 Sydney University
2003 UWS Nirimba
2004 University of Technology, Sydney
2005 UWS Nirimba
2006 University of Technology, Sydney
2007 University of Technology, Sydney
2008 Norwest Polecats
2009 University of Technology, Sydney
2010 West Sydney Blues
2011 Lewisham Old Boys
2012 Norwest Polecats

Bill Buckley Memorial Trophy: Second Division[edit]

With a significant influx of teams joining the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League after the competition was originally created, it was deemed that in 1973 a Second Division competition would be created. The competition has been run every year since.

Nirimba make a hit up against Macquarie in the 2006 Second Division Grand Final at Leichhardt Oval
Year Premiers
1973 NSW Institute of Technology
1974 Sydney University
1975 Sydney University
1976 Sydney University Vet Science
1977 Sydney University
1978 Sydney University
1979 Kuring-gai CAE
1980 Macquarie University
1981 Catholic College of Education
1982 State Rail
1983 NSW Institute of Technology
1984 State Rail
1985 North Sydney Technical College
1986 Macquarie University
1987 State Rail
1988 Macquarie University
1989 Catholic College of Education
1990 Macquarie University
1991 Cumberland College
1992 Newcastle University
1993 University of NSW
1994 University of NSW
1995 Sydney University
1996 ACU Castle Hill
1997 ACU Castle Hill
1998 Charles Sturt University Bathurst
1999 University of Technology, Sydney
2000 University of NSW
2001 Macquarie University
2002 UWS Macarthur
2003 Macquarie University
2004 Cumberland College
2005 UWS Macarthur
2006 Macquarie University
2007 Sydney University
2008 Newcastle University
2009 Charles Sturt University Bathurst
2010 Cumberland Beavers
2011 University of Technology, Sydney
2012 University of Technology, Sydney

John Pollard Trophy: Third Division[edit]

The NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League operated a Third Division competition from 1981 to 2004. Originally the Third Division was operated as a completely separate competition from First and Second Division, however after the Super League war when a number of Tertiary institutes stopped playing Rugby League, the Third Division was made up of teams who failed to make the Second Division finals.

Year Premiers
1981 Macquarie University
1984 Catholic College of Education
1986 Catholic College of Education
1987 Nepean C.A.E
1988 Catholic College of Education
1989 Sydney University
1990 Catholic College of Education
1994 Cumberland College
1996 State Rail
1997 Macquarie University
1999 Sydney University
2000 State Rail
2001 UWS Nirimba
2002 UWS Nirimba
2003 University of Technology, Sydney
2004 UWS Macarthur


Twelve clubs from Sydney, Bathurst, Canberra Newcastle have confirmed their participation in the 2009 New South Wales Tertiary League season.[1]

Club Name Tertiary Institute Year Formed
CSU Bathurst Mungoes Charles Sturt University, Bathurst 1974
Cumberland Beavers University of Western Sydney, Nepean
Lewisham Old Boys Edmund College 2008
Macarthur Magpies University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown
Newcastle Seahorses University of Newcastle, Callaghan 1967
Norwest Polecats University of Western Sydney, Nirimba 1971
RailCorp Apprentices RailCorp Training 1975
Royal Australian Navy Tridents Royal Australian Navy Joined 2008
Sydney University University of Sydney 1919
University of Canberra Cows University of Canberra Reformed 2008
UTS Tigers University of Technology, Sydney
West Sydney Blues Charles Sturt University, Police 2007

Renamed Clubs[edit]

The following teams have changed their names over their life in the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League:

  • Cumberland Beavers (Formerly: Cumberland College)
  • Macquarie Warriors (Formerly: Macquarie Treefrogs)
  • Norwest Polecats (Formerly: Catholic College of Education, Polding College Polecats, ACU Castle Hill Polecats, UWS Nirimba Polecats)[2]
  • University of Canberra Cows (Formerly: Canberra Skolars, now play in the Canberra Raiders Cup)
  • UTS Tigers (Formerly: UTS Bulls, UTS Jets)
  • Railcorp Apprentices (Formally Public Transport Commission Apprentice College, State Rail Apprentice College).
UTS Tigers

Former Clubs[edit]

The following Tertiary Institutes participated in one of the NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League competitions in the past:

  • Alexander Mackie College
  • Hornsby TAFE (Also known as: Hornsby Technical College)
  • Macquarie University
  • Mount Saint Mary College
  • North Sydney TAFE (Also known as: North Sydney Technical College)
  • NSW Institute of Technology
  • Sydney University Vet Science (Merged with Sydney University)
  • Teachers Club
  • University of New South Wales (Now play in the South Sydney District League)
  • University of Technology, Kuring-gai (Also known as: Kuring-gai CAE)
  • University of Western Sydney, Nepean (Also known as: Nepean CAE, Kingswood)
  • Wollongong University (Now play in the Illawarra District League)

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