NS Class 1300

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NS Class 1300
E-loc 1312.jpg
Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder Alsthom
Build date 1952-1956
Total produced 16
AAR wheel arr. Co-Co
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length 18.95 m (62 ft 2 in)
Adhesive weight 19 t (18.7 long tons; 20.9 short tons)
Loco weight 111 t (109 long tons; 122 short tons)
Electric system(s) 1.5 kV DC Catenary
Current collection Pantograph
Safety systems ATB-EG
Performance figures
Maximum speed 130 km/h (81 mph)
Power output 3,159 kW (4,236 hp)
Tractive effort 241 kN (54,000 lbf)
Operators Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Class 1300
Number in class 16
Numbers In the range 1301-1316
Delivered 1952-1956
Retired 2000
Scrapped 2000/2001
Disposition Inactive

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) Class 1300 was a Dutch locomotive in service for 48 years from 1952 until 2000.

It was built at the same time as the NS Class 1100 at Alsthom and was based on the SNCF Class CC 7100. The Class 1300 is a bigger 6-axle version of the Class 1100.

The first loco, the 1301, was delivered in 1952 and was first used at the opening of the electric service between Zwolle and Groningen.

After being in service for less than a year 1303 was damaged beyond repair when it collided with EMU 642 at Weesp on June 19, 1953. After this accident Alsthom delivered a new loco that was originally to be delivered as a CC 7100 to the SNCF. 1303 was scraped on the spot although some equipment was salvaged to be used in replacement loco 1311.

The locos numbered 1312-1316 were delivered in 1956 in a Berlin blue colour scheme (the locos delivered in 1952 were delivered in a turquoise colour scheme, but were painted Berlin blue in 1955).

During the 1980s the entire Class 1300 got prolonging maintenance and were painted yellow, with a big NS logo at the side. Also, the locos were all named after a Dutch city:

In 2000 the last locomotives were withdrawn from service. 1302, 1304, 1312 and 1315 have been preserved.

In 2015 number 1304 came back into service for private operator HSL Logistik.
Number 1312 is the working representative of this class for the Dutch Railway Museum.