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Mat '64 / Plan V / Plan T
Two 2-car Mat '64 Plan V trains in 2011
Interieur Plan V.jpg
Standard class interior
Manufacturer Werkspoor, Talbot, Düwag
Replaced Mat '35, '36, '40
Constructed Plan T: 1961–1965
Plan V: 1966–1976
Entered service Plan T: 1962–2010
Plan V: 1967–2016
Refurbishment Plan T: 1999–2002
Scrapped Plan T: 2008–2011
Plan V: 2014–Present
Number built Plan T: 31
Plan V: 246
Number in service Plan T: 0
Plan V: 50[1]
Number preserved Plan T: 0
Plan V: 2
Number scrapped Plan T: 30
Formation Plan T: Bk + mBDK + mAB + Bk
Plan V: ABk + Bk
Fleet numbers Plan T: 501–531
Plan V: 401–438, 441–483, 801–965
Capacity Plan T: 41 First 230 Standard
Plan V: 24 First 104/118/120 Standard
Operator(s) Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Arriva, Connexxion, Veolia Transport
Train length Plan T: 101.9 m (334 ft 4 in)
Plan V: 52.1 m (170 ft 11 in)
Doors Plan T: 16
Plan V: 8/10
Articulated sections Plan T: 4
Plan V: 2
Maximum speed 140 km/h (87 mph)
Weight Plan T: 163 t
Plan V: 86 t
Traction motors Smit-N.V. Heemaf
Power output Plan T: 1,400 kilowatts (1,900 hp)
Plan V: 508 1,220 kilowatts (1,640 hp)
Electric system(s) 1.5 kV DC Catenary
Current collection method Pantograph
UIC classification Plan T: 2'2'+Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo'+2'2'
Plan V: 2'Bo'+Bo'2'
Coupling system Scharfenberg
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The NS Mat '64 or Materieel '64 electric multiple units were built by Werkspoor and later by Düwag and Waggonfabrik Talbot between 1961 and 1976. They were operated in the Netherlands by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) until 2016. The classes are called Plan T and Plan V: the Plan T is a 4-car EMU, and the Plan V is a 2-car EMU.

In the Netherlands, they are nicknamed 'Apekoppen' (literal translation: 'monkey heads') due to their distinct shape. [2]


In July 2010 the last Plan T EMUs were taken out of service. The Plan V EMUs are now the oldest units used by the NS. As of December 2012, only a small amount of routes are being served by Mat '64s normally. They also had been used widely in 2010 and 2012 winters when many newer SLT's were broken, due to winter problems.[3] This might happen until all SLT's are 'snow-proof'.

A Plan V at Apeldoorn

In 2015 there were still 40 Plan V sets in service, used on stopping services outside the Randstad. All sets have been taken out of service in May 2016, because their revision period expired. Many sets have been scrapped already.

In late 2015, NS announced the withdrawal of the remaining Plan V sets in the 2016 timetable, starting in December 2015. However, due to a shortage of rolling stock, several sets were kept in service until the 4th of April 2016, when the last sets were finally taken out of service.


In total there were 246 Plan V sets and 31 Plan T sets built, the table shows details of these sets.

Series: Built: Quantity when new: Set numbers:
Plan TT 1961 1 (Prototype) 501
Plan T 1964–1965 30 502–531
Plan V1, V2, V3 1966–1970 38 401–438
Plan V4 1969–1970 18 441–458
Plan V5 1969–1970 13 459–471
Plan V6 1969–1970 12 472–483
Plan V7 1970–1972 40 801–840
Plan V8 1972–1976 30 841–870
Plan V9 1972–1976 18 871–888
Plan V10 1972–1976 32 889–920
Plan V11 1972–1976 15 921–935
Plan V12 1972–1976 15 936–950
Plan V13 1972–1976 15 951–965

Services operated[edit]

The services that remained for Mat '64 in 2015 are listed below. These were all taken over by other rolling stock from April 2016 onwards.

Series Train Type Route Stock Notes
4400 Sprinter 's-HertogenboschOssNijmegen Mat '64 Connected with series 9600
6800 Sprinter Maastricht RandwyckMaastrichtSittardRoermond Mat '64
6900 Sprinter HeerlenSittard Mat '64
7000 Sprinter ApeldoornDeventerAlmeloHengeloEnschede Mat '64 No evening and weekend service between Almelo and Enschede
7500 Sprinter Ede-WageningenArnhem Mat '64
9600 Sprinter 's-HertogenboschEindhovenHelmondDeurne Mat'64 Connected with series 4400
23500 Intercity HeerlenSittard Mat '64 Only evening service

Timetable 2016[edit]

Since the beginning of timetable 2016, which started on December 13, 2015, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen planned to take all Mat ’64 trains out of service. However, that was not possible because there was a lack of deployable trains. That is also the reason why the Mat ’64 trains could still be seen on some routes in early 2016. However, the trains were not scheduled to drive following a schedule; they will be operating on routes where they’re needed instead. In many cases, they will be seen on the same routes as they were driving on in 2015.

From the original 246 Mat ’64 Plan V trains, the following 28 trains remain available for service; nrs. 441, 443, 444, 446, 447, 449–458, 463–466, 469, 471, 474, 475, 478–480, 482 and 965. These were all taken out of service on the 4th of April 2016.



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