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National Capital Power Station
NTPC Power Station - Aerial View - Dadri 2016-08-04 5757.JPG
Aerial view of NTPC power station, Dadri
Country India
Location Gautam Budh Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 28°35′54″N 77°36′34″E / 28.59833°N 77.60944°E / 28.59833; 77.60944Coordinates: 28°35′54″N 77°36′34″E / 28.59833°N 77.60944°E / 28.59833; 77.60944
Status Operational
Commission date 1991
Operator(s) NTPC
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal-fired,Gas-fired
Power generation
Units operational

1820 MW Coal

817 MW Gas

National Capital Power Station (NCPS) Or NTPC Dadri, is the power project to meet the power demand of National Capital Region (India). It has a huge coal-fired thermal power plant and a gas-fired plant and has a small township located in Uttar Pradesh, India for its employees. It is located in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh about 25 km from Ghaziabad and about 9 km from Dadri. It is nearly 48 km from New Delhi towards Hapur. The township has an area of about 500 acres over all. NTPC Dadri is a branch of National Thermal Power Corporation, which is a public sector now. It is about 20 km from Ghaziabad via Badalpur, Mahawar, Bamabawar, and Akilpur Jagir.

History, Features and places to visit[edit]

NTPC Dadri plant and township are property of ntpc ltd and were built around 1988-1990. The township is surrounded by boundary walls from all sides for security reasons. The neighbouring villages which provide it with milk vegetables etc. Though the township has self-sufficient markets inside it, residents usually go to Ghaziabad or Delhi for extra shopping. NTPC Dadri has two shopping centers( old, new ) which caters to the need of employees and their families as well as other people, and the Silver Jubilee Park (formerly known as Central Park), a fountain park in front of new market and numerous small parks for children and employees for recreation. It also has a helipad for landing of small helicopter (though not well maintained). There is a sports stadium inside the campus which is equipped with floodlights for day/night domestic tournaments.

NTPC Dadri has four schools inside the residential township namely

rachit inside the township and are granted quarters by the township administration. Students come to study in these schools from cities like Hapur and small towns such as Dadri, Pilkhuwa and Dasna, and nearby villages such as Akilpur Jagir, Piyawali, Rasoolpur, Patadi, Nangla Gurjar, Chauna, Ooncha Gaon, Ranauli Latifpur and Bishara. Inside the campus there is a Temple, a Church and a Gurudwara and within range of the township a Mosque. It is peaceful place with lots of plants, trees and flowers. There are two clubs inside the boundary: VRC known as Vidyutnagar Recreation Club and NTPC CLUB. There are two gyms with the latest machines. Also the club and VRC have swimming pools, libraries, cafeterias, swings and other recreational features. There is one ET Hostel where ETs (Executive Trainees) are kept for training in the nearby EDC (Employment Development Centre). One Urja Bhavan & one VIP Guest House is also available there. For employees there are govt quarters and depending upon designation are divided into A, B, C, D types. The lowest designation employees getting 'A' type and so on till 'D' type in ascending order.


NTPC Dadri is a unique power plant of NTPC group which has both coal based thermal plant and gas based thermal plant of 1820 MW and 817 MW respectively and 5 MW solar plant totaling 2642 MW

Coal based[edit]

The coal for the power plant is sourced from Piparwar Mines, Jharkhand. Source of water for the power plant is Upper Ganga Canal.

Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning
1st 1 210 1991 October
2 210 1992 December
3 210 1993 March
4 210 1994 March
2nd 5 490 2010 January
6 490 2010 July
Total Six 1820

Gas based[edit]

The gas for the power plant is sourced from GAIL HBJ Pipeline, it also supports HSD as alternate fuel. Source of water for the power plant is Upper Ganga Canal.

Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning GT / ST
1st 1 130.19 1992 March GT
2 130.19 1992 May GT
3 130.19 1992 June GT
4 130.19 1992 November GT
5 154.51 1993 February ST
6 154.51 1993 March ST
Total six 829.78

Grand Total capacity is 2649 MW.

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