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Web address Bordersdown (previously NTSC-uk)
Type of site
Video game journalism
Launched May 2001

Bordersdown, previously known as NTSC-uk, is a video game website created in 2001, based in the United Kingdom, providing reviews, traditional previews and niche features. Whilst its primary remit covered import gaming, the site's coverage has since expanded to include all facets of modern gaming.


NTSC-uk was set up when Wireplay was nearing its original end, so that people could jump ship from the Wireplay forums.

Since its inception, as well as providing a forum, it has reviewed videogames from around the world on all formats, covering both PAL and NTSC releases. Some of the old review content was temporarily lost in transition and will be replaced over time.

Its mission was to spread the word about the slow release dates and (mostly) unoptimised PAL games Europe was subjected to. Unoptimised games run at 50fps instead of 60fps with no clock adjusment so therefore run ~17% slower than intended by the developers. Additionally the original 480p signal leaves large black borders at the top and bottom of the PAL screens which run at a higher resolution.

With the advent of HD standards and the increase in global release dates, this mission was largely complete. However they continue to review and discuss games from Japan many of which will almost certainly never be released elsewhere.

"We passionately review any game, whatever the region, whatever the format. We are home to a welcoming and knowledgeable community on our forums."

In April 2011 the website moved to a new temporary domain at On 12 April 2011, the website changed to

Edge Website of the Month[edit]

In Issue 101 of Edge magazine NTSC-uk were awarded the accolade of Website of the Month, with the article stating:

"Import gaming may be an acquired taste but it's essential for the purity of the latest Japanese releases. NTSC-uk is a group of dedicated gamers offering advice on how to acquire both past and present ntsc classics. With a clean presentation and a passionate writing style, the site also indulges in reviews, previews and features. Let them make turgid letter-boxed games a thing of the past in your home."

Rating system[edit]

Titles are awarded a mark out of 10, with the site notably using a true median of 5/10 for its scoring system.

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