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Nutech logo.jpg
Nutech scr.jpg
Developer(s) Leaff Engineering
Stable release
2.3 / June 2014
Operating system Windows
Type Analysis and signal processing, audio analysis, data acquisition, industrial control, embedded design
License Freeware for non-commercial use

NU-Tech is a digital signal processing (DSP) platform to validate and real-time debug complex algorithms, simply relying on a common PC. It is based on a typical plug-in architecture and thanks to a free software development kit (SDK), the developer can write his own plug-in (aka NUTSs = NU-Tech Satellites) in C++.

NUTSs are not compelled to provide a GUI. To ease the developer in quickly creating new NUTSs without having to deal with GUI programming, NU-Tech provides a window called "RealTime Watch" to be associated to each NUTS (a tab on the NU-Tech bottom Multitab pane). The developer chooses, by code, whether to "expose" some NUTSs' internal variables on this window, in order to control his plug-in.

NU-Tech can connect to the external world by means of interchangeable drivers. For audio real-time applications ASIO 2.1 has been adopted in order to guarantee minimum and repeatable latencies, fully exploiting compatible sound cards hardware resources.

NU-Tech is freeware for non-commercial use.

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