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New Universal Entertainment (NUE) Agency
FoundedNew York, New York, United States (2008)
HeadquartersNew York, New York, United States
Key people
Jesse Kirshbaum, Founder and CEO
Alex Kirshbaum, Partner
ProductsStrategic Marketing, Creative, Lifestyle marketing, Digital Promotion, Public Relations

Nue Agency is a Creative Music Agency located in New York City. Nue sits at the center of music, brands and technology, transforming the music business through its approach to talent development, deal-making, and brand building.[1] In 2013 they were named to Inc Mag’s 500 list as the 3rd fastest growing Media Company.[2]


Nue Agency was founded in 2008 by Jesse Kirshbaum[3][4] who still serves as the company’s CEO. Soon after, Alex Kirshbaum (Jesse’s brother) would agree to join the company and move back to New York from Florida where he was working in finance.

With its roots as a booking agency, Nue was the first agency on record for artists such as Clipse,[5] Wale,[6][7] Mike Posner,[8] Chiddy Bang, White Panda,[9] Big Sean,[10] J. Cole,[11] Logic,[12] Capital Cities,[13] Action Bronson,[14] Odd Future,[15] Solange Knowles, Pusha T,[16] Hoodie Allen,[17] and Sound Remedy.

In 2017, NUE created a partnership with General Electric (GE) and electronic DJ/producer, Gryffin, to compose an original song inspired by the numerous energies and machines that connect our world – specifically the grid.[18] The track, entitled “Illuminate”, premiered in front of a live audience at a Daybreakers dance party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to kick off Summer 2017.[19]

The Patch[edit]

Nue Agency is the lead agency[20] for The Patch.[21] The Patch is a program with Sour Patch Kids that provides comfortable, cozy housing for promising, touring artists at either of their fully renovated properties in Brooklyn, NY, Austin, TX and Hollywood. The artists stay at The Patch houses for free and are encouraged to post photos and videos of them while at the Patch using the hashtags #AustinPatch and #BrooklynPatch. So far, over 100[22] artists such as X-Ambassadors, Zella Day,[23] Conrad Sewell,[24] Deer Tick (band),[25] Kevin Garrett, Us The Duo, Bosco, Soulection, Priory, Hiatus Kaiyote, Halsey, Echosmith, KYLE, and BØRNS have stayed at the house.

In September 2015, Sour Patch Kids and Nue Agency won a Clio[26] Music award for their work in brand activation with The Patch.


♯CRWN [27] is a live, candid interview series hosted by journalist, blogger, and entrepreneur Elliott Wilson and executively produced by Nue. Filmed in front of a studio audience, ♯CRWN is an in-depth, interactive conversation that has featured Drake,[28] Macklemore,[29] Big Sean,[30] Lil Wayne,[31] R. Kelly,[32] Rick Ross,[33][34] Nicki Minaj,[35] J. Cole,[11] T.I. [36] and many more.


Nue Agency operates SoundCtrl,[37] it’s the premier emerging publication chronicling music and technology. Nue also created and is the executive producer for the FlashFWD[38] awards, which brings attention to the innovators revolutionizing the way we create and consume music technology.


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