NUST Business School

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NUST Business School
NUST Pakistan New Logo.jpg
"Educating Tomorrow's Business Leaders"
Type Business school
Established 1999
Dean Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
Campus Urban

NUST Business School (NBS), formerly known as the National Institute of Management Sciences (NIMS), is a business school established by NUST in 1999. It is located in a purpose built building at the NUST H-12 Campus in Islamabad. It is located opposite to the SEECS building, across Scholar's Avenue.

Mission statement[edit]

The NUST Business School official website states the mission statement as: "Our primary mission at NBS is 'to train and educate a class of business leaders who will learn cutting-edge technologies and practical business skills in a broader intellectual and ethical framework to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing market place"


  • Department of International Business and Marketing
  • Department of Finance & Investment
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Public Administration

Dress code[edit]

Nust Business School requires its students to conform to a relatively strict dress code while on campus. For male students, the dress code is a dress shirt and pant with a tie while for female students it is a shalwar kameez and dupatta. The administration states that the dress code is not meant to limit students creativity and that they are simply trying to instill a spirit of professionalism in them. But students are of the view that this creates certain psychological perceptions that hampers them to express and voice their ideas and opinions like other universities. The issue has been brought to the public eye by different media channels as well but to no avail. Students are fined Rs. 500 for violating the dress code (e.g. wearing round collared shirt) each day which resulted in backlash as well, but it is still being practiced by the management.

Degree programs[edit]

NBS offers degrees in both Bachelors and Masters level.