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As a candidate country of the European Union, Albania (AL) is included in the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), codified by the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT). The three NUTS level are:

NUTS of Albania (AL).png
  • NUTS-1: Albania
  • NUTS-2: 3 non-administrative regions
  • NUTS-3: 12 counties

The NUTS codes are as follows:[1][2]

AL0 The Republic of Albania
AL01 Northern Albania
AL011 Dibër
AL012 Durrës
AL013 Kukës
AL014 Lezhë
AL015 Shkodër
AL02 Central Albania
AL021 Elbasan
AL022 Tirana
AL03 Southern Albania
AL031 Berat
AL032 Fier
AL033 Gjirokastër
AL034 Korçë
AL035 Vlorë


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