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NUTS BG Level 1 and 2.png

In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of Bulgaria (BG), the three levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 Regions (Rajoni) 2
NUTS 2 Planning regions (Rajoni za planirane) 6
NUTS 3 Oblasts (Podregiony) 28

NUTS codes[edit]

NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code
Northern and
Eastern Bulgaria
BG3 Severozapaden BG31 Vidin Province BG311
Montana Province BG312
Vratsa Province BG313
Pleven Province BG314
Lovech Province BG315
Severen tsentralen BG32 Veliko Tarnovo Province BG321
Gabrovo Province BG322
Ruse Province BG323
Razgrad Province BG324
Silistra Province BG325
Severoiztochen BG33 Varna Province BG331
Dobrich Province BG332
Shumen Province BG333
Targovishte Province BG334
Yugoiztochen BG34 Burgas Province BG341
Sliven Province BG342
Yambol Province BG343
Stara Zagora Province BG344
South-Western and
South-Central Bulgaria
BG4 Yugozapaden BG41 Sofia City BG411
Sofia Province BG412
Blagoevgrad Province BG413
Pernik Province BG414
Kyustendil Province BG415
Yuzhen tsentralen BG42 Plovdiv Province BG421
Haskovo Province BG422
Pazardzhik Province BG423
Smolyan Province BG424
Kardzhali Province BG425

In the 2003 version, the codes were as follows:

BG1 North Bulgaria
BG11 North West
BG111 Vidin
BG112 Montana
BG113 Vratsa
BG12 North Central
BG121 Pleven
BG122 Lovech
BG123 Veliko Turnovo
BG124 Gabrovo
BG125 Ruse
BG13 North East
BG131 Varna
BG132 Dobrich
BG133 Shumen
BG134 Turgovishte
BG135 Razgrad
BG136 Silistra
BG2 South Bulgaria
BG21 South West
BG211 Grad Sofiya
BG212 Sofiya
BG213 Blagoevgrad
BG214 Pernik
BG215 Kyustendil
BG22 South Central
BG221 Plovdiv
BG222 Stara Zagora
BG223 Khaskovo
BG224 Pazardzhik
BG225 Smolyan
BG226 Kurdzhali
BG23 South East
BG231 Burgas
BG232 Sliven
BG233 Yambol

Local administrative units[edit]

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Municipalities (Obshtini) 264
LAU 2 Settlements (Naseleni mesta) 5329

The LAU codes of Bulgaria can be downloaded here: [1]Page white excel.png

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