NUTS statistical regions of the Czech Republic

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In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of the Czech Republic (CZ), the three levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 1
NUTS 2 Oblasts (Oblasti) 8
NUTS 3 Regions (Kraje) 14

NUTS codes[edit]

NUTS 2 regions of the Czech Republic
NUTS 3 regions of the Czech Republic
NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code
Czech Republic CZ0 Prague CZ01 Prague CZ010
Střední Čechy (Central Bohemia) CZ02 Central Bohemian Region CZ020
Jihozápad (Southwest) CZ03 South Bohemian Region CZ031
Plzeň Region CZ032
Severozápad (Northwest) CZ04 Karlovy Vary Region CZ041
Ústí nad Labem Region CZ042
Severovýchod (Northeast) CZ05 Liberec Region CZ051
Hradec Králové Region CZ052
Pardubice Region CZ053
Jihovýchod (Southeast) CZ06 Vysočina Region CZ063
South Moravian Region CZ064
Střední Morava (Central Moravia) CZ07 Olomouc Region CZ071
Zlín Region CZ072
Moravskoslezsko CZ08 Moravian-Silesian Region CZ080

In the 2003 version, the Vysočina Region was coded CZ061, and the South Moravian Region was coded CZ062.

Local administrative units[edit]

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Districts (Okresy) 77
LAU 2 Municipalities (Obce) 6249

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