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The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of Ireland for statistical purposes. The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union. The NUTS standard is instrumental in delivering the European Union's Structural Funds. The NUTS code for Ireland is IE and a hierarchy of three levels is established by Eurostat. Below this are two further levels of geographic organisation - the Local administrative unit. In Ireland, the LAU-1 subdivisions correspond to an administrative division within the country. The LAU-2 level is not used for local government purposes.


Level Number of
NUTS 1 1 (the entire state)
NUTS 2 statistical regions 2
NUTS 3 statistical regions 8

NUTS levels 1, 2 and 3[edit]

NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code

Éire / Ireland
IE0 Border, Midland and Western NUTS-II Region IE01 Border Region IE011
Midlands Region, Ireland IE012
West Region, Ireland IE013
Southern and Eastern NUTS-II Region IE02 Dublin Region IE021
Mid-East Region, Ireland IE022
Mid-West Region, Ireland IE023
South-East Region, Ireland IE024
South-West Region, Ireland IE025

Local administrative units 1 and 2[edit]

The first level of local administrative unit (LAU-1), which was previously called NUTS-4, is the level immediately below NUTS-3. In Ireland, LAU-1 areas are identical with the areas under the jurisdiction of county and city councils. The second level (LAU-2) corresponds to the areas defined by District electoral divisions.

LAU level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Administrative counties and cities 31
LAU 2[1] District electoral division 3441
County Council and City Council areas of the Republic of Ireland
County or City NUTS 3
(2006) [2]
County Louth Border Region 111,267 831.99 133.7 Dundalk LH
County Leitrim Border Region 28,950 1,588.85 18.2 Carrick-on-Shannon LM
County Sligo Border Region 60,894 1,837.46 33.1 Sligo SO
County Cavan Border Region 64,003 1,931.88 33.1 Cavan CN
County Donegal Border Region 147,264 4,859.51 30.3 Lifford DL
County Monaghan Border Region 55,997 1,295.92 43.2 Monaghan MN
County Laois Midlands Region 67,059 1,719.46 39.0 Portlaoise LS
County Longford Midlands Region 34,391 1,091.25 31.5 Longford LD
County Offaly Midlands Region 70,868 1,989.81 35.6 Tullamore OY
County Westmeath Midlands Region 79,346 1,824.86 43.5 Mullingar WH
Galway city West Region 72,414 50.57 1,432.0 Galway G
County Galway West Region 159,256 6,099.95 26.1 Galway G
County Mayo West Region 123,839 5,588.31 22.2 Castlebar MO
County Roscommon West Region 58,768 2,548.04 23.1 Roscommon RN
Border, Midland and Western
NUTS-II Region
Dublin city Dublin Region 506,211 117.61 4,304.1 Dublin D
Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown Dublin Region 194,038 126.95 1,528.5 Dún Laoghaire D
Fingal Dublin Region 239,992 453.09 529.7 Swords D
South Dublin Dublin Region 246,935 223.01 1,107.3 Tallaght D
Limerick city Mid-West Region, Ireland 52,539 20.35 2,581.8 Limerick L
County Limerick Mid-West Region, Ireland 131,516 2,739.67 48.0 Limerick L
North Tipperary Mid-West Region, Ireland 66,023 2,046.30 32.3 Nenagh T
County Clare Mid-West Region, Ireland 110,950 3,442.32 32.2 Ennis CE
County Kildare Mid-East Region 186,335 1,694.20 110.0 Naas KE
County Meath Mid-East Region 162,831 2,334.54 69.7 Navan MH
County Wicklow Mid-East Region 126,194 2,032.60 62.1 Wicklow WW
County Wexford South-East Region 131,749 2,365.27 55.7 Wexford WX
County Kilkenny South-East Region 87,558 2,071.69 42.3 Kilkenny KK
County Carlow South-East Region 50,349 897.90 56.1 Carlow CW
South Tipperary South-East Region 83,221 2,257.94 36.9 Clonmel T
Waterford city South-East Region 45,748 41.58 1,100.2 Waterford W
County Waterford South-East Region 62,213 1,817.13 34.2 Dungarvan W
Cork city South-West Region 119,418 39.61 3,014.8 Cork C
County Cork South-West Region 361,877 7,467.97 48.5 Cork C
County Kerry South-West Region 139,835 4,734.65 29.5 Tralee KY
Southern and Eastern
NUTS-II Region
Ireland 4,239,848 70,182.24 60.4

North Tipperary County Council and South Tipperary County Council were unified into a single local authority for the county on the 1st June, 2014. The current NUTS classification was released in 2013, and remains in place until the end of 2016, therefore Tipperary remains divided for statistical purposes in two different NUTS 3 regions until the next amendment to the classification is released in 2017, which will take into account the changes to the Local Administrative Units of each member state.

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  3. ^ The code refers to the code in use for the purpose of vehicle registration plates in Ireland. The code may straddle the jurisdictions of several council areas, as in the case of the four entities of the Dublin Region.