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The NU Rock Awards was an annual recognition program sponsored from 1994 to 2010 by the defunct Metro Manila based radio station NU 107.

  1. 1994 saw the birth of what is to become the biggest annual gathering of the finest rock musicians in the country—the NU 107 Rock Awards! The very first NU 107 Rock Awards was held in a place called The Music Hall in Annapolis St. Greenhills. What was meant to be a small gathering to give recognition to the finest people in the rock community has become the BIGGEST and most-anticipated rock event in the country.
  2. The debut "Song of the Year Award" was given to Alamid for the song “Your Love.” The song then went on to rule the airwaves and was in fact the very first NU 107 exclusive to cross over to other formats.
  3. The Dawn is the perennial Rock Awards band having performed in 11 editions of the Rock Awards.
  4. The debut "Video of the Year" was given to “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by the Eraserheads.
  5. In the whole history of the Rock Awards there has only been one tie. In 1999, the judges deemed both Wolfgang’s “Serve in Silence” and Sandwich’s “Grip Stand Throw” as that year’s Albums of the Year.
  6. Raimund Marasigan is the individual with the most number of awards won at the NU Rock Awards, for his work as a member of Eraserheads and Sandwich, and as album producer for other several bands.
  7. The debut band to win the Rock Awards’ "Raw Award" was Fatal Posporos. The Raw Awards is given to the best unsigned artist of the year.
  8. In 2000, the Rock Awards’ “Punk’s Not Dead” all-star tribute band performed a medley of past Song of the Year winners, of course in the style of The Ramones. It was composed of Myra Ruaro (Brownbeat All Stars), Louie Talan (Razorback), Diego Castillo (Sandwich), Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich), Zach Lucero and Aia de Leon (Imago).
  9. In 2004, NU107, acknowledging the growing role of females in the local rock scene, gave out the debut "Female Rock Icon Award" to Cynthia Alexander.
  10. Before it became a rock anthem of sorts, Bamboo’s “Noypi” was first performed at the 2003 NU 107 Rock Awards, even before their album As The Music Plays came out.
  11. Despite a typhoon, 2004’s Rock Awards was NU 107’s most attended yet, with over 4,000 rock fans filling the World Trade Center.
  12. 2005's Rock Awards has already set a record of sorts, with the most ever nominees for Song Of The Year Award with 12.
  13. Afterimage became the very first winner of the Artist of the Year award in 1994.
  14. In 1994, the first-ever Album of the Year award was presented to the Eraserheads' debut album Ultraelectromagneticpop!. The Eraserheads also received the Album of the Year award for the next two years with their albums Circus (1995) and Cutterpillow (1996), making them the only artist in Rock Awards history to win in the same category three years in a row.

List of Winners[edit]

Best New Artist[edit]

Year Winner
1994 Yano

The Youth

1995 Put3ska
1996 Parokya Ni Edgar
1997 P.O.T
1998 Orphan Lily
1999 Sandwich
2000 Slapshock
2001 Itchyworms
2002 Boldstar
2003 Sugarfree
2004 Orange and Lemons
2005 Pedicab
2006 Up Dharma Down
2007 Hilera
2008 The Out of Body Special
2009 Peryodiko
2010 Tanya Markova

Artist of the Year[edit]

Year Winner
1994 Afterimage
1995 Eraserheads
1996 Wolfgang
1997 Eraserheads
1998 Wolfgang
1999 Parokya ni Edgar
2000 Parokya ni Edgar
2001 Slapshock
2002 Slapshock
2003 Parokya ni Edgar
2004 Bamboo
2005 Orange and Lemons
2006 Kamikazee
2007 Bamboo
2008 Pupil
2009 Up Dharma Down
2010 Franco

Song of the Year[edit]

Year Song Artist
1994 Your Love Alamid
1995 Laklak Teeth
1996 Ang Huling El Bimbo Eraserheads
1997 Siesyatnebonsontneicostolim Sugar Hiccup
1998 Don't Touch my Birdie Parokya ni Edgar
1999 Butterfly Carnival Sandwich
2000 Shooting Star Teeth
2001 Motorbykle Cynthia Alexander
2002 Paris Chicosci
2003 Soul Searching Urbandub
2004 Noypi Bamboo
2005 Ako si M16 Junior Kilat
2006 Narda Kamikazee
2007 Will You Ever Learn Typecast
2008 Betamax Sandwich
2009 Antukin Rico Blanco
2010 This Gathering Franco

Album of the Year[edit]

Year Album Artist
1994 Ultraelectromagneticpop! Eraserheads
1995 Circus Eraserheads
1996 Cutterpillow Eraserheads
1997 P.O.T. P.O.T.
1998 The Jerks The Jerks
1999 Grip Stand Throw

Serve In Silence



2000 Free Rivermaya
2001 4-Track Mind Sandwich
2002 Edgar Edgar Musikahan Parokya ni Edgar
2003 Sa Wakas Sugarfree
2004 Influence Urbandub
2005 Light Peace Love Bamboo
2006 Noon-Time Show Itchyworms
2007 Moonlane Gardens Orange and Lemons
2008 Wild Life Pupil
2009 Bipolar Up Dharma Down
2010 Franco Franco

Best Live Act[edit]

Year Winner
1994 The Dawn
1995 Put3ska
1996 Parokya ni Edgar
1997 Put3ska
2005 Kamikazee
2006 Kamikazee
2007 Bamboo
2008 Sandwich
2009 Hilera
2010 Tanya Markova

Listener's Choice[edit]

Year Winner
1995 Eraserheads
1996 Wolfgang
1997 Eraserheads
1998 Wolfgang
1999 Wolfgang
2000 Slapshock
2001 Slapshock
2002 Cheese
2003 Kamikazee
2004 Bamboo
2005 Bamboo
2006 Kamikazee
2008 Urbandub
2009 Chicosci
2010 Franco

Best Album Packaging[edit]

Year Album Artist
1995 Dekada Ethnic Faces
1996 Bawal Yano
1997 Fruitcake Eraserheads
1998 Buruguduystunstugudunstuy Parokya ni Edgar
1999 Serve In Silence Wolfgang
2000 Revenge of the Giant Robot Chicosci
2001 Three Fates Rayyn
2002 Buruguduystunstugudunstuy Parokya ni Edgar
2003 Parnaso ng Payaso Pan
2005 Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot Orange and Lemons
2006 Five on the Floor Sandwich
2007 Moonlane Gardens Orange and Lemons
2008 <S> Marks the Spot Sandwich
2009 Mornings and Airports Sugarfree
2010 Great Secret Show Sleepwalk Circus