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Former NVF facility in the Auburn Mills Historic District, near Yorklyn, Delaware.

NVF Company, formerly known as National Vulcanized Fiber,[1] is a private company based in Yorklyn, Delaware. One of its original products, a sheet-like material called Forbon, is commonly used on guitar pickups.[2] NVF also makes a product called Yorkite, another vulcanized fibre, that has wood grain printed directly on the material.

The company currently generates an estimated $42.2 million in sales and has about 550 employees.[citation needed]


The company was formed by the merger of American Vulcanized Fiber Company, the National Fiber and Insulation Company and the Keystone Fiber Company on January 1, 1923.[3]

Company president Warren Marshall's 1936 salary was included in a list of "highest salaries paid in nation" released in 1938 by a Congressional committee.[4]

In 1946, the company's shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.[5]

In the 1990s, the company was controlled by financier Victor Posner.[6]

NVF was involved in a dispute with the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts about unpaid taxes on a paper factory there which was later destroyed by fire.[7][8]

An NVF facility in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania was found to be contaminated by polychlorinated biphenyls.[9]

A former NVF manufacturing site in Newark, Delaware has been redeveloped by the Commonwealth Group of New Castle, Delaware.[6]


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