NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship

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NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship

Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling

National Wrestling Alliance
Date established October 16, 1998

The NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship is a National Wrestling Alliance-sanctioned tag team professional wrestling championship based mainly in the Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling promotion, although the title has been contested for in the Canadian Wrestling Federation, NWA Green Mountain and NWA Quebec. The NWA Canadian Tag Team titles will be defended under the NWA Atlantic Banner in Atlantic Canada. The titles are own by Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo along with NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship.

There had previously been a version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship used in NWA All-Star Wrestling from 1962 to 1985. The current version began in 1998.[1][2]

Title history[edit]

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Brains, Brawn and Class (BBC)
(Mike Roselli and Randy Tyler)
1 October 16, 1998 New Westminster, British Columbia Defeated The Glamour Order of Discipline (Johnny Canuck & Michelle Starr) and Karachi Vice in a three-way match.
The title was vacated when Roselli refused to defend against Toxic Insanity (Biohazard and Juggernaut).
Toxic Insanity
(Biohazard and Juggernaut)
1 May 28, 1999 New Westminster, British Columbia Defeated Moondog Manson and The Prophet.
Dan Danton and Spyder 1 July 22, 1999 Chilliwack, British Columbia
Toxic Insanity
(Biohazard and Juggernaut)
2 July 24, 1999 Nanaimo, British Columbia
Toxic Insanity was stripped of the title in August 1999.
Crusher Carlsen and Michelle Starr 1 August 20, 1999 Regina, Saskatchewan Defeated "Good Time" Charley Hayes (substituting for Biohazard) and Juggernaut.
The title was stripped on January 1, 2000 due to lack of defenses, or vacated by Carlsen on April 8, 2000 due to an inner ear operation.
Deadly Impact
(Killer Cox and Brian Jewel)
1 April 18, 2003 Winnipeg, Manitoba Defeated The Kamakazze Boyz (The Casanova Kid & Mickey Miracle), Rick Matthews & Zack Mercury, The Redneck Rebels and Zero Tolerance (T.J. Bratt & Rob Stardom) in a five-team battle royal to win the NWA Canadian and Canadian Wrestling Federation titles.
Deadly Impact was stripped of the title on July 10, 2003.
The Twin Terrors
(Koko and Razz Mansour)
1 March 26, 2005 Montreal, Quebec Defeated Aftershock in a tournament final.
The Trauma Unit
(Antonio Corsi and Stew Korvus)
1 May 19, 2007 St. Albans, Vermont
(Damian and Drake Styles)
1 November 30, 2007 Nepean, Ontario
Pure Talent
(Steve Blackwell and Ivan Sullivan)
1 March 20, 2010 St-Marc-Des-Carrières, Quebec Defeated Aftershock in a match which saw titles vs. titles at a North Shore Pro Wrestling Federation event.
Jeremy Prophet and Dru Onyx 1 June 13, 2010 Hudson, Quebec Defeated Bryan Lewis and Scott Ordell. Steve Blackwell and Ivan Sullivan had to vacate the titles due to an injury to Sullivan.
(Shayne Hawke & Stew Korvus)
1 August 13, 2012 Montreal, Quebec Defeated Pat Skillz & Paul Rosenberg.
Kickin' N' Stompin
(Stephen Razen & Ivan Sullivan)
1 August 2, 2014 St-Prosper-de-Beauce, Quebec Defeated Project DAMKA, Joey Ryan & Chris Cruze.
Bone Collectors
(Dru Onyx & Mike Marston)
1 April 23, 2016 Montreal, Quebec Defeated Kickin N Stompin.

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