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The NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship or Gulf Coast Heavyweight Championship was one of two identically named regional championship titles, a Southern and Northern division promoted by Southeast Championship Wrestling. The Southern division was established in 1978 as a continuation of the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Championship and existed until its merge with the Northern division in 1980. The unified championship continued to be active until 1988 when it was abandoned.[1]

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Bob Armstrong 1 1978 defeated David Schultz to become the first champion
Masked Superstar 1 1978
Ken Lucas 1 April 1978 defeated David Shultz to win title
Unknown November 19, 1978 A championship match is held between Stomper and Wrestling Pro however the results are unrecorded
David Schultz 1 1979
Ron Slinker 1 May 4, 1979 Dothan, Alabama
David Schultz 2 May 6, 1979 Mobile, Alabama Title change in dispute as Shutlz is recorded defending his title in Mobile, Alabama two days later
Ox Baker 1 July 5, 1979
Terry "The Hulk" Bollea 1 July 1979
Austin Idol 1 July 13, 1979 Mobile, Alabama
Terry "The Hulk" Bollea 2 October 31, 1979
Ron Fuller 1 June 8, 1980
Mongolian Stomper 1 June 1980

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