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The New York University Annual Survey of American Law (Annual Survey) is a student-edited law journal at New York University School of Law.


The Annual Survey was founded in 1942, making it the second-oldest law journal at NYU. Originally, it was compiled by members of the NYU faculty as a comprehensive annual reference to developments in American law. The Annual Survey is now a quarterly publication that, in addition to publishing generalist legal scholarship, continues to dedicate itself to exploring legal developments from a practice-oriented perspective. [1]


The Annual Survey publishes four issues each year. Two are general issues containing legal scholarship on current issues in American law. The Annual Survey each year sponsors a symposium, bringing scholars, advocates, and members of the judiciary to NYU to discuss a topic of interest, and publishes a symposium issue of the journal with articles arising out of the symposium. A dedication is held each year to honor an important figure in the legal community at which scholars and peers honor that figure. This event leads to a dedication issue focused on the life and work of that author. The Annual Survey also fosters student scholarship through a note-writing program, and frequently publishes the work of NYU students. [2]


Each year the Annual Survey selects 50 new Staff Editors from the rising 2L class on the basis of writing competition entries, bluebooking, grades, resumes, and personal statements. The Annual Survey does not factor in ranking preference in the journal match system except as a tiebreaker.

Writing program and competition[edit]

Soon after selection to the Annual Survey, rising 2L Staff Editors are invited to participate in a special competition for the journal's writing program. The writing program allows 2L Staff Editors to focus exclusively on the development of a student note for publication in the Annual Survey: program participants agree to a rigorous writing schedule but are afforded an exemption from most journal production assignments.

List of dedicatees[edit]

Each spring the Annual Survey dedicates a volume to a preeminent member of the legal community, who is honored in a ceremony and dinner at the law school attended by journal members as well as scholars and peers who join the journal in its dedication. The Annual Survey's dedication issue features tributes and scholarship on that jurist's contributions to American law.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Raymond Lohier, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit


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