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Hamedan Float Persian Parade 2016 Madison Ave

Persian Parade is an annual parade held in New York City, United States.[1] The parade was founded in 2004 by a group of Persian American immigrants who wanted to keep the Persian culture and traditions of their homeland alive.[2]

The New York Persian Parade is staged in the middle of the traditional two-week period of celebration for Nowruz, the Persian New Year.[3]


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The main activity of the Corporation is to organize, promote, facilitate, and conduct a cultural Persian parade on the third or fourth week of March, which coincides with the Iranian New Year on the Persian calendar as well as the spring vernal equinox. The parade shall take place primarily in NYC or any other place at the discretion of Board of Directors. The parade is a means to promote and introduce Persian culture, its historical achievement in art, folklore, science, and the Persian civilization to the general public. The Annual New Year Parade shall take place under the American flag, and the Iranian Historical Flag (green, white, and red with lion, sun and sword emblem) every year.

The Flag (green, white, and red with lion, sun and sword emblem) shall not represent any political or religious view but showcase thousands of years of great Persian History.

The Corporation can receive contributions and make distributions to individuals and/or organizations as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. This Corporation is a non-religious, non-political organization. Its scope of activities shall include, but not be limited to,creating friendship and understanding between Iranian people and the other people of the world, educating the Iranian youth about their heritage,educating all others regarding the history and culture of Iran, as well as other related activities deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors including demonstrating the Persian tradition of tolerance for the ethnic, religious and cultural differences among people and to express the will of the Persian community to live in peace, unity, and harmony with other people while assimilating into the modern American society.

The Corporation may contribute toor publicize publications to introduce, advance the study of Persian culture,civilization, and ceremonial tradition and provide seminars to teach the general public. The Corporation will also sponsor social gatherings to promote Persian traditional ceremonies, and have fund raising activities to underwrite these and related endeavors.

(Bylaws Art. 3 Sec. 3.1)


The Persian Parade Foundation is governed by an elected Board of Directors, made up of members of the Persian community from the New York area:


Mr. Iradj Javid, President

Mr. Hamid Zarei, Vice President+Marketing

Mrs. Mehri Radfar, Treasurer

Mrs. Bonnie Nourzad, Secretary


Ms. Lobna Chaichian

Ms. Shahin Samouh

Mr. Manouchehr Farahani

Ms. Mitra Salasel

Ms. Betty Emamian

Ms. Manizheh Eghbali (alternate)

Ms. Mandana Zolghadr (alternate)


Dr. Mahshid Assadi, Founder

Dr. Cyrus Assadi, Founder

Dr. David Yazdan, President Board of Trustees

Mr. Babak Ermankhah

Ms. Iran Irandoost

Dr. Edwin Teehan

Dr. Olga Kovalenko

Dr. Michele Tabrizi

Ms. Floria Nikpour

Mr. Mohsen Zandieh

Mr. Alex Paykar

Mr. Paoul Paykar

Dr. Javid Javan

Mr. Mohsen Soroudi

Ms. Mahin Faghih

Mr. Kazem Bagheri

Mr. Javid Kamran


Dr. Mahshid Assadi

Dr. Cyrus Assadi

Drs Shabnam & Rudy Rezazadeh