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New Zealand kennel club

The New Zealand Kennel Club (also known as NZKC ) is the primary kennel club responsible for dog pedigree registration services in New Zealand. They also provide training services, judging for dog shows and many other services relating to dog showing. The organisation was introduced in 1886,[1] it is also a full member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.


The New Zealand Kennel Club is an organisation that operates at two levels,[2] which includes the Affiliated Societies and Individual Membership. NZKC now has over 300 societies affiliated to, associated with and recognised by it.[3] There are several types of Associated clubs include the Show Clubs; the Obedience Clubs; the Combined Show and Obedience Clubs and the Agility Clubs. Recognised Clubs are either clubs which cater for minority breeds, newly formed clubs or clubs that do not cater show or Dog Training.[4]

NZKC Administration[edit]

The Club’s administrative office is at Prosser Street, Porirua, Wellington, next to the Exhibition Centre. Administration looks after the day-to-day management of the New Zealand Kennel Club. Administration deals mainly with the register, membership matters, the NZ Dog World and the website.[5]


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