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NZ Independent Coalition
Leader Brendan Horan
Chairperson Michael O'Neil
Founded January 2014
Dissolved 20 May 2016 (2016-05-20)
Website[dead link]

The NZ Independent Coalition is a former political party in New Zealand. The party was founded in January 2014 by Brendan Horan[1] Horan was expelled from New Zealand First in December 2012 following accusations of taking money from his dying mother's bank account and spending it on gambling.[2] Horan acted an independent Member of Parliament after expulsion, and proposed starting a party in January 2013.[3] In February 2014, the party registered a logo with the Electoral Commission.[4] On 18 June 2014, it applied for registration.[5] The party was registered on 24 July.[6]

The party launched its campaign on 29 July 2014 with a slogan of "safe children, safe whanau, safe society", and promising higher pensions and the removal of tertiary education fees.[7] On 19 August, it announced its party list.[8] The party emphasised electorate representation, and MPs were required to poll their electorates on major issues and vote accordingly.[1][9]

In the New Zealand General Election, held in September 2014, the party did not win any electorate seats, or enough percentage of the party vote to stay in Parliament.[10] It attracted 872 voters, or 0.04% of total New Zealand voter share. The party was deregistered by the Electoral Commission on 20 May 2016.[11]

Electoral results[edit]

Election Candidates nominated Seats won Votes Vote share % Position NZ Independent Coalition
in government?
Electorate List
2014 4 10
0 / 121
872 0.04% 14th / 15 Unelected


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