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Navi may refer to:


  • Navi (Impersonator), a Michael Jackson impersonator
  • Navi Pillay, a South African lawyer and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Navi Radjou, executive director of the Centre for India and Global Business
  • Navi Rawat, an actress known for her role in the TV show Numb3rs as Amita Ramanujan
  • NAVI (band), a Belarusian folk-pop duo


  • An alternate name for the star Gamma Cassiopeiae, in honor of American astronaut Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom
  • Navi, Estonia, a village in Võru Parish, Võru County, Estonia
  • Navi Mumbai, a city on the west coast of the Indian state of Maharashtra
  • Perini Navi, an Italian shipyard based in Viareggio, Italy

Film and television[edit]

  • Naʼvi, a humanoid alien race in the 2009 movie Avatar
    • Na'vi language, the language of the inhabitants of the moon Pandora in the 2009 movie Avatar
  • Navi Araz, one of the main villains in season four of television series 24
  • Navi (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger), a robotic bird from the Japanese tokusatsu drama Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • A short-form of "Navigator", in the Japanese animation Last Exile
  • An abbreviation of "knowledge navigator" used in lieu of "computer" in the Japanese animation Serial Experiments Lain
  • Navi (Transformers), the Maximal's navigational computer in the Japanese animated Transformers series Beast Wars Neo


  • Navi (singular, Hebrew; plural: Nevi'im) refers to a (or the) prophet in the Hebrew Bible; similar in meaning to the Arabic word "nabi"
    • Navi can also refer to the study of Nevi'im, the Books of Prophets, a traditional Hebrew reference to the study of that section in the Hebrew Bible
  • Navi, immaterial/underworld of Slavic neopaganism


  • Navi architecture, a family of graphics processors currently under development by AMD
  • The Navi library, an Ogre plugin that provide web browsing in real-time 3D environment
  • Navi key, on Nokia cellular phones, a variant of the Enter key

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