Na Hannyate

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Na Hannyate
Na Hannyate poster
Movie poster
Directed by Riingo Banerjee
Screenplay by Riingo Banerjee
Story by Riingo Banerjee
Based on The Great Tangsan Earthquake
by Zhang Ling
Starring Roopa Ganguly
Sayani Datta
Priyanka Sarkar
Chaiti Ghosal
Music by Sriram Yusuf (Dibyendu Mukherjee)
Srijita Films & Entertainment
Release date
  • November 16, 2012 (2012-11-16) (Kolkata)
Language Bengali

Na Hannyate[α] (2012) is a Bengali disaster drama film directed by Riingo Banerjee.[1][2] The story of the film is inspired by Zhang Ling's essay "The Great Tangshan Earthquake". There are six songs in the film sung by Dibyendu, Srikanta Acharya, Lopamudra Mitra, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, Somlata and Raghab.The lyrics are written by Ambarish and Riingo himself, also the film uses one Rabindrasangeet.[3]


Inspired by Zhang Ling's essay, The Great Tangshan earthquake, Riingo's latest offering, Na Hanaytte, which means it never dies, is a poignant tale of a woman, Jui, who is caught in a situation where she could save only one of her kids and leave the other to die. Being a mother, Jui could never forgive herself for having to choose between her two children — Ratan and Shiuli. But life goes on... years go by... The film is about relationships and how they gradually change in times of crisis.

Studies could never hold Ratan's interest. He wanted to start his own business and take his mother along to Kolkata. Although happy for his son, Jui couldn't leave the place where she lost so much. Again, both Jui and Ratan were oblivious of the fact that Shiuli was alive and now living with a family who doted on her. Deeply hurt by her mother's decision to save her brother, Ratan, instead of her, Shiuli had taken off on her own on that fateful day, only to be rescued by Dr Siddiqui, who took her home to his wife, Zoya. The couple found their lost daughter in Shiuli, while Shiuli found a family.

Does Shiuli get to meet her mother? Does she forgive Jui? Well, these are the answers to be found in the film.


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