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Na Hoon-a (Korean: 나훈아) is a South Korean trot singer who began singing in the 1960s and 70s. Born Choi Hong-ki (최홍기) on February 2, 1947, he released numerous solo albums and special duet albums with other trot singers.

In the past few years, many compilation and "best of" albums have been released; a 40-year retrospective album came out in 2005.

Love triangle scandal[edit]

In early 2008, rumours went throughout the nation regarding his private life. Reports stated that Nahoona was castrated by a Japanese gang member, as he found out and disapproved of Nahoona's supposed affair with his favourite Korean actress; due to Nahoona's silence, there was rampant speculation for days. Due to the frustration over the false news, Nahoona set up a rushed news conference and unbuttoned his pants in front of national television. Reported urged him not to and eventually stopped him from fully dropping his pants, and cameras quickly cut away from Nahoona. As it was a live broadcast, many people stopped working in order to discuss the news,[1] and the international media quickly picked up on this story, as the BBC[2] and the New York Times[3] picking up the story.


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