Na Kyung-won

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Na Kyung-won
Na Kyung-won from acrofan.jpg
Hangul 나경원
Revised Romanization Na Gyeongwon
McCune–Reischauer Ra Kyŏngwŏn

Na Kyung-won (나경원, born 6 December 1963) is a South Korean politician and lawyer. She was a member of the conservative Saenuri Party (formerly the Grand National Party). She was one of two candidates of the October 2011 Seoul mayoral by-election after Oh Se-hoon resigned his position as mayor, but lost the election to Park Won-soon.[1] She started her political career as a special aide for women's affairs under Lee Hoi-chang in 2002 during the presidential election.[2][3]

Na did not run for the 2012 legislative election due to allegations that her husband Kim Jae-ho had been involved in a clandestine deal with a prosecutor from the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.[4] She subsequently ran as a candidate for Dongjak B in a July 2014 by-election, and claimed victory against the Justice Party's Roh Hoe-chan, by a difference of 929 votes.[5]


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