Na Litavce

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Na Litavce
Stadion Na Litavce3.jpg
LocationPříbram, Czech Republic
Coordinates49°40′37″N 13°58′35″E / 49.67694°N 13.97639°E / 49.67694; 13.97639Coordinates: 49°40′37″N 13°58′35″E / 49.67694°N 13.97639°E / 49.67694; 13.97639
Field size105m x 68m
1. FK Příbram (1997–)

Na Litavce is a football stadium in Příbram, Czech Republic. It is currently used as the home ground of 1. FK Příbram. The stadium holds 9,100 people.


The stadium was opened September 11, 1955, starting the series of promotions of the home club Baník Příbram from the regional competition up to the third highest nationwide league within 13 years and to the second division in 1974 (only for five seasons).

The major reconstruction of stadium was made between 1978 and 1980. The construction was funded by the Uranium Mines company (Czech: Uranové doly), many of the miners and company workers joined the work voluntarily. New stands and entry gate were built as well as two buildings with flats and hotel rooms, which remain the mark of the stadium. The western stand was roofed and the capacity of the stadium was around 11,000 spectators.

In 1996 FC Portál Příbram merged with Dukla Prague and the new team played in Prague for a year before moving to Příbram in 1997.[1] The eastern stand was roofed and the third stand was built. The stadium had to be modernized to correspond with the football union's new standards, all stands are for seated spectators, which lowered the capacity to 9,100, and the floodlight towers were erected.


  • The name of the stadium is derived from the name of a river Litavka, located just behind the west stand. It flows north to Beroun where it joins the Berounka river.
  • Litavka also caused problems to the stadium several times by flooding, the stadium was under water for example during the 2002 European floods. The game with Slavia Prague had to be postponed.[2]


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