Na Wewe

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Na Wewe
Na Wewe poster.png
Film poster
Directed by Ivan Goldschmidt
Produced by Ivan Goldschmidt
Jean-Luc Pening
Dries Phlypo
Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem
Written by Jean-Luc Pening
Ivan Goldschmidt
Starring Renaud Rutten
Fabrice Kwizera
Floris Kubwimana
Music by Jérémie Hakeshimana
Cinematography Guy Maezelle
Edited by Ivan Goldschmidt
Release date
  • April 25, 2010 (2010-04-25)
Running time
19 minutes
Country Belgium
Language French

Na Wewe (English: You Too) is a 2010 Belgian live action short film. The film's runtime is approximately 19 minutes, starring Renaud Rutten and Fabrice Kwizera. It was directed by Ivan Goldschmidt, written by first-timer Jean-Luc Pening, and produced by Goldschmidt, Pening, Dries Phlypo and Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem. The film was shot in the summer of 2009. It is set in Burundi in 1994, during the civil war between Hutus and Tutsis and exposes the absurdity of ethnic conflicts. It's a "compact story about identity that's both tense and darkly funny".[1]


A minivan transporting ordinary citizens is stopped on a Burundian dirt road. With force a band of Hutu rebels armed with Kalashnikovs get the passengers off. The rebel leader barks:"Hutus to the left, Tutsis to the right!". The sorting fails as all hurry to the left and neither passengers nor rebels can distinguish Hutus from Tutsis.


The film received the Special Jury Award – Honourable Mention at the 20th Flickerfest.[2] On January 25, 2011, it was nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.[3]


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