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Kallmünz Die Naab.JPG
The Naab near Kallmünz
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Fichtelgebirge
River mouth Danube
49°1′0″N 12°1′53″E / 49.01667°N 12.03139°E / 49.01667; 12.03139Coordinates: 49°1′0″N 12°1′53″E / 49.01667°N 12.03139°E / 49.01667; 12.03139
Basin size 5,225 km2 (2,017 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 165 km (103 mi)

The Naab (Czech: Nába) is a river in Bavaria, Germany, and is a left tributary of the Danube. It is approx. 165 km (103 mi) long, including its main source river Waldnaab.

The Naab is formed by the confluence of the Waldnaab and the Haidenaab in Luhe-Wildenau, south of Weiden in der Oberpfalz. It flows generally south, through the towns Nabburg, Schwandorf and Burglengenfeld. It flows into the Danube near Regensburg.


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