Naam yoga

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Naam Yoga
Founders Joseph Michael Levry
Established 2006
Derivative forms Shakti Naam Yoga, Naam Yoga Therapies
Practice emphases
Meditation, Pranayam, Movement, Asana, Music

Naam Yoga is a proprietary style of yoga introduced by Joseph Michael Levry in 2006.[1][2] The Shakti Naam Yoga method is part of the Naam Yoga technique. [3]


Naam yoga was founded by Joseph Michael Levry, who was born in the Ivory Coast.[4]

In 2011 a center called "Naam Yoga Los Angeles" opened in Santa Monica, California.[5] Naam Yoga LA has an outreach program for the area of Santa Monica, known as Giving Naam.[6]

Levry has led multiple global Naam Yoga Superclasses in Mexico City, which are free public meditations.[7]


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