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Naamans Creek (spelled Naaman Creek on federal maps[1]) is a tributary of the Delaware River in northeast New Castle County, Delaware and southeast Delaware County, Pennsylvania[2] The stream rises near the intersection of Foulk Road and Naamans Creek Road at 39°50′34″N 75°29′32″W / 39.84278°N 75.49222°W / 39.84278; -75.49222 in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania, flows through Arden, Delaware,[3] and discharges into the Delaware River at 39°48′19″N 75°26′11″W / 39.80528°N 75.43639°W / 39.80528; -75.43639 in Claymont, Delaware.[1] The creek is believed to be named after a Minqua chief who befriended the Swedish settlers of the area.[4] A large tract of land along the creek was deeded to Governor Johan Risingh by chief Peminacka in 1655.[5]

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