Naaz islands

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Naaz islands

جزایر ناز
Naaz islands
Naaz islands
Coordinates: 26°48′N 56°6′E / 26.800°N 56.100°E / 26.800; 56.100Coordinates: 26°48′N 56°6′E / 26.800°N 56.100°E / 26.800; 56.100
Country Iran
 • Total0.05 - 0.16 km2 (−0.01 sq mi)
Highest elevation
6 m (20 ft)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC+03:30

The Naaz islands (also Naz islands, in Persian: جزایر ناز) are two tidal islands in the Persian gulf, on the shore of Qeshm Island. At low tide, the intertidal zone of Qeshm connects the islands to the shore and at high tide the littoral zone is submerged and two hills become islands. Naaz islands are a tourist attractions of Qeshm Island and the south of Iran.[1][2]


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