Nabagram Vidyapith

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Nabagram Vidyapith
Nabagram Vidyapith Ground.jpg

Adibartma, Konnagar, Nabagram
MottoA faithful man who is absorbed in transcendental knowledge and who subdues his senses quickly attains the supreme spiritual peace.
HeadmasterDr. Dilip Mukhopadhyay
ClassesV to X
XI, XII (Commerce & Science)
XI, XII (Vocational)
AffiliationsWBBSE (for Madhyamik)
WBCHSE (for Higher Secondary)
WBSCVET (for Higher Secondary Vocational)

Nabagram Vidyapith is a boys high school located in Konnagar, Hooghly District, in the state of West Bengal, India. It has produced many notable alumni across various field.


Logo of Nabagram Vidyapith

Nabagram Vidyapith was established on 9 January 1948. Located at Konnagar, Hooghly.

This institution is affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is Bengali.[1] The current principal of the institution is Dr. Dilip Kumar Mukhopadhyay.[2] The institution presently consists of 1,500 students and 45 teachers.

Alumni Association[edit]

The official alumni association (Nabagram Vidyapith Alumni Association) has been formed in the year of 2018.


Higher Secondary[edit]

  1. Science
  2. Commerce


  1. Computer Assembly and Maintenance
  2. Automobile Mechanics
  3. Home Science

Notable alumni[edit]


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