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Nabarangpur is located in Odisha
Location in Odisha, India
Nabarangpur is located in India
Nabarangpur (India)
Coordinates: 19°14′N 82°33′E / 19.23°N 82.55°E / 19.23; 82.55Coordinates: 19°14′N 82°33′E / 19.23°N 82.55°E / 19.23; 82.55
Country India
 • Member of ParliamentShri Balabhadra Majhi, (BJD)
 • Member of Legislative AssemblyShri Manohar Randhari, (BJD)
557 m (1,827 ft)
 • Total36,945
 • OfficialOdia
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code06858
Vehicle registrationOD 24

Nabarangpur, also known as Nabarangapur or Nowrangpur, is a town and a municipality in Nabarangapur district in the Indian state of Odisha. It is the headquarters of Nabarangpur district.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Nabarangpur is situated at 19.23 Degree north latitude and 82.55Degree east longitudes and is 582m above sea level.

The climate is a tropical monsoon in Nabarangapur like the rest of Odisha. The monsoon season here is not as harsh as it is in other parts of the state, and summers here are hot and winters very cold. The best time to visit Nabarangpur would be during the winter months, between October and February.

Summers in Nabarangpur is slightly hot, and this season runs during the months of March, April, May, and June. The summer months will experience an average temperature of around 31.0 °C, a minimum temperature of 24.9 °C and a maximum temperature of 37.1 °C.

The monsoon season in Nabarangpur brings about moderate rainfall, and this season is mainly during the months of July, August, September, and October. The weather during this time is pleasant and Nabarangpur can be visited during this time too.

Winter in Nabarangpur is the best time to visit with an average temperature of around 19.2 °C, a minimum temperature of 12 °C, and a maximum temperature of 26.5 °C.


As of 2011 India census,[1] Nabarangapur had a population of 36,945. Males constitute 49.53% of the population and 50.47% are females.

Nabarangpur has an average literacy rate of 82.4% higher than the national average of 74.0.


RCD High school is the oldest school in Nabarangpur established in 1934 for boys and Girls High School for girls. It is situated in masjid road in Pathan street, the school operates under Board of Secondary Education, Odisha.

Nabarangpur also has a Government Junior College for senior secondary education with Science, Arts, and Commerce streams.

Nabarangpur also has a Government Degree College offering a bachelor's degree in Science, Arts, and Commerce.

There is also a Women's College in Hirli Dongri Road, offering subjects in Arts.


There is a Kendriya Vidyalaya in Chutiaguda, Nabarangpur and many schools as follows:

  • Bapuji Public School,
  • Unique Public School,
  • Mother Teresa Public School,
  • Techno Gurukul School,
  • Nabarangpur Public School,
  • Theodore Public School,
  • Bidyaniketan Higher Secondary School,
  • Eklavya Model Residential School,
  • Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir,
  • Municipality High School,
  • JELC High School.


There are also many college in Nabarangpur:

  • Raghavendra College
  • Bidyarthi College
  • Utkal Institute Of Arts & Management
  • Government Polytechnic
  • Model Degree College
  • Sai Vinayak Jr. College

Cultural Heritage and Festival[edit]

Cultural Heritage[edit]

Nabarangpur District has an ancient tradition of Art and Culture, which was predominantly displayed in the erstwhile Koraput District. Many artisans, mostly residing in a street of Nabarangpur town, carry on the age-old handicraft. They manufacture boxes, toys, sticks, chains, pedestals of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, idols of other Gods and Goddesses, pooja articles and other decorative masterpieces, which are unique in the area and testify exemplary craftsmanship. ‘Dhanya Laxmi’ (Goddess Laxmi with pedestal) is a unique craft in paddy carried on by the artisans of the Dabugaon area in the District. Earthen works of Tonda near Papadahandi also testify exquisite craftsmanship.

Languages like Bhotra, Gond, Kandha, Paraja, Odiya, Hindi, and Telugu are widely spoken in Nabarangpur District. Tribals of the District perform folk dance like Rinjodi, Dhemsha, Sailodi, Gond, Geet Kudia, Ghumura, Madhya, etc. Male and female tribals take part in the dance with exuberance amidst melodious song and beat of drums in the background. The Toys, Boxes, Pedestals of Hindu Gods and Goddess, Puja Articles and other decorative masterpieces made by the local craftsmen prove the magnificent work in the respective field.

Maa Bhandargharani in Nabarangpur is the presiding deity of the locality. The name signifies the preserver of wealth and protector of lives. She is also worshipped in nearby villages. Tuesdays and Saturdays are marked for special worships. Many devotees gather in the temple premises on every conceivable occasion to seek blessings of the Goddess. Maa Pendrani of Umerkote which is visited by many devotees is born out of a legend. A small village Pendra (Pendrahandi), near Umerkote, worships a pure soul named Pendrani, a married girl who was the victim of secret jealousy of her own brothers.



Mondei is a local festival that is widely celebrated in the Nabarangpur District. The word Mondei is derived from the Hindi word ‘Mondi’ which means a small market. This festival is celebrated by many people worshipping a common deity among prehistoric rituals. Fair and entertainment activities with folk dances and tribal opera can be seen for the whole night of the festival. Mondei is usually celebrated after harvesting of crops. The festival is observed at different popular locations throughout the District gathering men and women of the area and far off. There are various Socio-Cultural organizations that play a vital role in spearheading the cultural activities of the Nabarangpur District.

Rath Yarta[edit]

Rath yatra is grandly celebrated in Nabarangpur with great enthusiasm and spirit. People from neighbor towns and villages come here and celebrate the occasion.

Durga Puja[edit]

Durga Puja is also one of the most celebrated festivals in Nabarangpur. Many Durga Puja Pandals are built across the city which is very beautiful to look at.


How to Reach (Transportation)[edit]

Nabarangpur District is connected only by road.

Road Distances[edit]

  • From Bhubaneswar – 580 km .
  • From Visakhapatnam – 280 km
  • From Raipur – 320 km

Nearest Railway Stations[edit]

  • Jeypore – 40 km
  • Koraput – 66 km
  • Kesinga 170 km

Nearest Airports[edit]

  • From Bhubaneswar – 580 km
  • From Visakhapatnam – 280 km
  • From Raipur – 320 km

Types of Tourism[edit]

There are many tourist attractions in the city. Visitors can opt their type of tourism such as Sightseeing Tourism, Religious Tourism, Wildlife tourism, Environmental tourism, Historical tourism, Adventure tourism.

Religious Tourism[edit]

  • Maa Bhandar Gharani Mandir
  • Shri Jagannath Mandir
  • Baba Akhandalamani Mandir
  • Shiva Mandir
  • Sri Balaji Temple
  • Sri Satya Narayan Mandir
  • Shridi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Nabarangpur Satsang Vihar.
  • Shri Adinath Digambar jain Temple
  • Shri Ram Mandir
  • Deer Park, Papdahandi
  • Majhiguda Park
  • old Bridge

Wildlife Tourism[edit]

  • The Deer Park of Nabarangpur District also attracts a large crowd. Watching Natures bounties from the watchtower in this park is a unique experience. One can reach hiring Taxis and auto-rickshaws to Deer Park that is 10 km from Nabarangpur towards Papadahandi.

Environmental tourism[edit]

  • Panchavati Bana and Shree Bana Forest Park attracts tourists and the residents of Nabarangpur for eco-tourism far from city hassle and pollution.

Sightseeing Tourism[edit]

  • Hirli Dongri is situated at Gandhinagar of Nabarangpur town, where an ancient statue of Lord Balaji was found and being worshiped. Near to the Hirli Dongri Kusumjhar reserve is situated. This place is famous for its scenic beauty and is suitable for a picnic. District Administration has constructed watchtowers, Park at the hilltop, to facilitate the same. One can easily reach Hirli Dongri by auto-rickshaws available from Nabarangpur.
  • Indravati River in the old highway attracts tourists because of the British Made Bridge and its beautiful surroundings.
  • Indravati Dam, Khatiguda 45 km from Nabarangpur is also a spot which attracts tourists throughout the year because of its beauty in and around the area.

Historical tourism[edit]

  • The Sahid Smruti Stambha is situated at the bank of the river Tuni near Papadahandi. During the Quit India Movement on August 24, 1942, 19 freedom fighters died while fighting with British soldiers during the march towards Dabugam under the leadership of Madhab Pradhani. To keep it in memory of them Sahid Stamba was constructed and every year on 24 August Sahid Divas is observed. The spot still commemorates the freedom-loving people of the bygone era. Sahid Smrutistamba is 12 km away from Nabarangpur. One can hire taxi from Nabarangpur to reach Sahid Smruti Stamba.

Adventure tourism[edit]

  • Chandan Dhara is a natural waterfall situated in Jhorigam Block 90 km away from Nabarangpur. The place is also remarkable for a natural Shiva Lingam. Chandan Dhara is an ideal location for outings and picnics. Chandan Dhara is about 100 km from Nabarangpur towards Umerkote via Jharigaon. Taxi or auto rickshaws are to be hired from Nabarangpur to go to Chandan Dhara.

Food and Cuisines[edit]

Nabarangpur is known for its Odia cuisines and also for south Indian cuisines, and Gujarati and Rajasthani influence on food because of the numerous southern Indian, Gujarati and Rajasthani populations in the city.

Nabarangpur people are food lovers, and that is the reason in recent years many multi-cuisine restaurants have been opened. Street food also attracts many foodies and there are many street food vendors in the city.


Habibulla Khan of INC was elected as the MLA from Nabarangpur Assembly Constituency in 1977, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2004. He represented INC(I) in the 1980 elections. The current MLA is Sadasiva Pradhani of (BJD) who was elected in 2019. Jagannath Tripathy, a freedom fighter was also the MLA of Nabarangpur.[2]


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