Nabarlek Uranium Mine

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Nabarlek Uranium Mine
Nabarlek Uranium Mine is located in Australia
Nabarlek Uranium Mine
Nabarlek Uranium Mine
Location in Australia
Location Arnhem Land
Territory Northern Territory
Country Australia
Coordinates 12°18′17.11″S 133°19′22.03″E / 12.3047528°S 133.3227861°E / -12.3047528; 133.3227861Coordinates: 12°18′17.11″S 133°19′22.03″E / 12.3047528°S 133.3227861°E / -12.3047528; 133.3227861
Products Uranium
Production 11,804 t
Opened 1979 (mill 1980)
Closed 1979 (mill 1988)
Company Queensland Mines Limited
Year of acquisition 1970 (discovery)

The Nabarlek Mine is a uranium mine in the Northern Territory of Australia which was productively worked only in 1979. The deposit sits within the Alligator Rivers Uranium Field approximately 62 kilometres (39 mi) northeast of Jabiru. It was discovered by Queensland Mines Limited in 1970 by following up an intense airborne radiometric anomaly.[1]


The deposit was delineated by diamond drilling in 1970 and 1971. Open cut mining took place between June and October 1979 with the ore stockpiled for milling. 546,437 t of ore were mined at an average grade of 1.84% U3O8.[2] The mill commenced operation in June 1980 and ran until 1988, during which time 11,084 t U3O8 were produced. The site was fully rehabilitated by 1995.[1]

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